Customer Story

R.J. Grondin & Sons is a heavy civil site contractor that operates out of Maine.

Business Need

R.J. Grondin sought to better track their small tools and equipment on a single platform. They also desired to make better purchasing decisions based on equipment utilization. Additionally, Grondin needed maintenance alerts to know when hours of service were used up. Before partnering with Tenna, R.J. Grondin tried to manage their equipment with Excel and other asset tracking programs.

How Tenna Helped

After partnering with Tenna, R.J. Grondin improved overall asset visibility within the company.

One of the things I like best about the Tenna platform is the integrated live map view. I can tell...where all of our assets are in real time. It’s very helpful when we’re looking to locate certain assets or understand how our projects are staffed with our various pieces of equipment. It also helps immensely when we're trying to locate certain assets for the dispatcher.

Jake J., Director of Operations, Grondin
Grondin Warehouse with Tenna on the computer tracking assets in the field

Before, we would spend hours running around looking for different types of equipment because we'd be spread out at jobs and no one would know exactly where those assets are. Now, with a phone call or by pulling the [Tenna] app up on [our] phone or iPad, [we're] able to tell what assets are where.

Jake J., Director of Operations, Grondin

Tenna helps R.J. Grondin make better business decisions with insights into equipment utilization.

[Our] most used features on the Tenna platform [are] the location as well as utilization. We look at how often...our equipment [is] running, at previous shifts over the past week, over the last month and it really helps us make decisions about where to allocate our resources on what projects based on how they're being utilized.

Jake J., Director of Operations, Grondin
Grondin Heavy Equipment tracked with Tenna at the Quarry

Tenna’s single platform eliminated the need for multiple systems and provided a valuable maintenance information.

One of the unexpected benefits or improvements that we've seen since using Tenna is on the maintenance side. When we were initially looking at Tenna...we were really looking at it for an asset tracking software or solution, and we were able to utilize the maintenance side of Tenna to get rid of our previous maintenance software which was super helpful to us.

Jake J., Director of Operations, Grondin


R.J. Grondin Knows More with complete asset visibility, Controls More with Tenna’s single platform solution, and Makes More by saving on high maintenance and fuel costs.

One thing that comes to mind when I think of Tenna is better information, [and] better data to make informed decisions...Advice for somebody considering Tenna would be if you're looking for a one platform solution, this is it.

Jake J., Director of Operations, Grondin

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