Construction Resource Management

Manage Your Project Resources with Scheduling and Dispatch Software

Tenna’s Resource Management Product is the first construction-specific dispatch solution for mixed asset fleets leveraging telematics-based insights.

With Tenna’s construction resource management software, field personnel can reserve assets along with related labor and crews they need for their projects, make requests and reservations and coordinate moving equipment and materials between locations. Logistics and equipment managers can leverage the construction scheduling and dispatch functionality to efficiently dispatch those resources to the jobsite or the maintenance shop. This helps everyone to be more efficient and is another valuable tool for project planning and management.

Maintain equipment scheduling and productivity with the right assets for the job while efficiently facilitating asset trades and seamless communication between jobsites and the equipment division with an automated, total equipment management solution on one platform.

Unlike other dispatching solutions which are siloed and rely on a manual element, Tenna empowers everyone on your team – from PMs, supers and engineers, to drivers and laborers. Everyone has access and can play their part in the automation of resource requests, planning, and dispatching performed by the logistics and equipment managers.

How Construction Resource Management Works

Tenna’s equipment management system with scheduling and dispatch functionality lets you see and communicate the status of your assets and your equipment and labor resource needs across and between sites. Project teams can improve operations pre-planning as well as streamline logistics with the equipment management and dispatching team. Control hoarding by accommodating resource requests for assets from other sites and facilitating appropriate equipment utilization and better maintenance.

Resource Management notifications are sent via email to those who need to be in the know, based on permissions and preferences you define for yourself and your team.

This solution is made up of multiple parts and functionality – requesting, approving, planning and scheduling, dispatching, labor and crews – which all work together to inform site management teams, shop, home office, and drivers and laborers of planned mobilization events and any conflicts for assets or key labor resources.

Various scheduling and dispatch features within Resource Management include:

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  • Get an at-a-glance overview of all current locations, pending requests, and planned dispatch events for assets and labor to make construction planning and scheduling easier.
  • See schedule data for Sites or individual Assets from the detail pages.
  • See work orders for requested assets and ensure maintenance is complete before jobs begin.
  • Quickly and easily view and resolve conflicting requests, locate alternative assets, and analyze utilization rates.
  • Ensure that jobs start with all required assets and labor and avoid costly delays with accurate equipment schedules.
  • View a two-week lookahead for each active project
  • Confidently plan for all forecasted equipment and labor needs through the next quarter with a complete understanding of all required assets for upcoming jobs.


Construction scheduling software used to management labor and equipment resources shown on the Tenna Platform

Dispatch Board

  • Your beloved magnet white board comes to life in Tenna and is always kept current by leveraging real-time telematics.
  • Reserve, schedule and view all your assets with a board view.
  • Create and customize your board to your preference and share with others.
  • Coordinate moves between sites and streamline logistics.


Tenna Resource Management Dispatch Board UI


  • Plan out your resource needs on your jobsites – from owned and rental equipment to labor and crews, and from consumables to small tools at your desk or on the Tenna App in the field.
  • Coordinate with the superintendents, project managers or equipment managers to request assets you need that are currently on their sites.
  • Drag and drop the assets on your board to manage your asset needs.
  • See the status and current location of individual assets. Click into the detail and easily submit resource requests to an asset’s current assignee.
  • Asset Labels make it easy to spot when assets are down, in maintenance, or other customizable situations.
  • Approve Requests – Be notified when another project has requested an asset at your site, or when an asset is requested from the shop or yard. Approve requests for assets you are responsible for from peers in the field.
  • Manage Requests – Escalate booking conflicts to appropriately allocate resources and mediate disputes.


Tenna Resource Management Requests UI

Dispatch Queue

  • Review and manage your list of all approved schedule requests waiting to be dispatched.


Tenna Resource Management Dispatch Queue UI

Dispatch Events

  • Manage asset related tasks such as letting drivers know what, where and when they need to move.


Tenna Resource Management Dispatch Events UI

Labor Management

  • Add laborers to Tenna who can be dispatched to jobsites for a specific task, assigned to move or operate equipment or be added to crews.

  Labor Management on the Construction Resource Management Feature on Tenna

Crew Management

  • Create and dispatch crews of laborers so you can easily schedule and manage your field resources for optimal project planning and resource allocation.


Crew Management on the Construction Resource Management Feature on Tenna

SMS Dispatch

  • Add the recipients (drivers, operator, laborer, union workers, etc.) to be notified to Tenna
  • Build out your dispatch events, including start and end locations, times, activities, notes, etc. in Tenna
  • SMS Messages for dispatch notifications are sent when a dispatch event is either sent or updated so both staff and external workers who may not have the Tenna app know what is on their load lists each day, and are notified of any updates to their deliveries, pickups, or other tasks
  • Note: Length of message is variable and determined by content


SMS Dispatch shown on an iPhone

Premium Product Badge for Tenna Products

Resource Management is a Premium Addition to Tenna’s Core Features.

This optional functionality is valuable for improving communication between your field and shop teams, efficiently scheduling asset trades between jobsites and ensuring resources get to the teams who need them at the right times.

Premium Product Badge for Tenna Products

Reach More of Your Team with SMS Dispatch

SMS Dispatch leverages the use of SMS messages to automate manual notification processes for Dispatchers to efficiently communicate with their drivers and laborers regarding dispatch assignments and updates. SMS Messages for dispatch notifications are sent when a dispatch event is either sent or updated so both employees and third-party personnel who many not have the Tenna app know what is on their load lists each day, and are notified of any updates on changes to their deliveries, pickups, or other tasks. As drivers often do not have a company-issued smart device, SMS notifications are most effective for streamlining information sharing and reaching all pertinent parties at scale. This aids in informing relevant personnel of where they need to go the next day, especially for crew dispatching, and eliminates the dispatcher’s daily manual process for doing so individually.


  • Improve communication between office and field by saving time with automated messages
  • Save man hours spent sending numerous texts per week while opening the door for mass communication with ease
  • Efficiently assign crews and laborers to daily tasks
  • Increase efficiency around mobilization of new jobs
  • Minimize delays caused by notification barriers with direct SMS messages
  • Simple rollout and higher adoption
  • Streamlined and tied to Tenna’s Dispatch Event workflows within Resource Management
SMS Dispatch shown on a flip phone

Benefits of Construction Resource Management Functionality

Tenna’s Construction Resource Management Product brings the following benefits to your field team’s equipment management processes, operations and organization:

Increased Efficiencies and Productivity

  • Improve project pre-planning, equipment utilization and utilization forecasting
  • Save Time – Stop wasting time trying to locate and allocate assets with automation, increased visibility and transparency across teams
  • Fewer calls – Improve communication between the field and the shop
  • Reduce delays and execution slow downs with better visibility around mobilization, lookaheads, requests and existing reservations

Decrease Costs

  • Reduce unnecessary rental costs by better utilizing what you know you have available
  • Reduce wasteful behavior
  • Reduce labor costs for handling and re-handling assets that a site does not need
  • Reduce excessive maintenance repair costs by pre-scheduling machines for service

Resource Management Product Overview

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