Equipment Tracking Solutions in the Field

Overcome Your Challenges and Meet Equipment Management Goals.

Built on over 100 years of construction experience, our construction technology solution puts your entire equipment fleet on One Platform. We understand what Superintendents; Project Managers, Project Accountants and the rest of your field team go through on a daily and even hourly basis. You probably spend the majority of your 10+ hour day putting out fires. Our equipment management solution enables you to have more predictable days.

Our unified equipment management solution combined with a variety of equipment tracking solutions gives you complete visibility which allows you to Know More.

With information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and keep operations moving.

Quotation mark showing a worker using the Tenna App in the field

"I like the app because it’s catered to a mobile experience. On the fly it’s very easy to open and find the information you need. The ability to quickly navigate the app onsite is critical and leads to quick, accurate decision making."

Pat L.

Project Manager, Severino Trucking

Solving for Your Challenges in the Field


  • Balancing keeping productivity on schedule with demands for maintenance needs
  • Maximizing available equipment for project demands and minimizing rentals
  • Managing complex operations with many moving parts



  • Have equipment onsite in good working condition and ready to use
  • Stay on or ahead of project schedule
  • Eliminate emergency maintenance and downtime


Download Superintendent Summary

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  • Maintaining budget and controlling costs
  • Managing all the intricacies of the job and changes that impact the schedule
  • Adhering to customer and contract requirements



  • Maximize gross profit
  • Adhere to schedule
  • Achieve high customer satisfaction


Download Project Manager Summary

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  • Not involved in all project decisions which impact cost
  • Sorting through lots of data to summarize projections
  • Supporting multiple projects in multiple locations



  • Stay within or under budget
  • Streamline processes
  • Communicate progress to multiple teams


Download Project Accountant Summary

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Tenna Features and Functionality for the Project Team

Equipment Utilization

You can monitor equipment utilization on projects on time-based scales and determine their economic efficiency. Identify when assets are underutilized and remove them from the site to reduce unnecessary costs.


  • Maximized productivity
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Improved decision making

Tenna System showing the Fleet Utilization Feature


You will always know when assets have arrived or left your project with geofences surrounding your sites. Tenna automates when assets are billed to a site based on geofence configurations.


  • Increased billing accuracy
  • Reduced theft
  • Increased efficiencies

Tenna UI Showing the Geofence Feature

Resource Management

You can use resource management to identify assets you need, make requests and reservations and coordinate moving equipment and materials between sites with other project teams.


  • Improved communication from the field to the shop
  • Improved coordination of project needs
  • Reduced labor costs for handling and re-handling assets that a site does not need


Dispatch Events on the Construction Resource Management Feature on Tenna

Asset Management

You can access information on all assets across the organization, so you know what is or is not available for your operational needs. You can group assets that need to be kept together such as items in your conex box or foreman’s truck.


  • Reduced time wasted trying to locate what you need on the job
  • Reduced costs on avoided purchases and unnecessary rentals
  • Increased visibility and transparency of asset and relevant information

Tenna System and Mobile App showing the Asset List

Tenna  App

As the Super, you live most of your day in the field and Tenna is there with you on your mobile device. Find assets on your jobsite or located somewhere else across operations, view utilization and other asset information, and communicate with the rest of the team with Tenna’s equipment management app.


  • Increased efficiencies by having access to information with you at all times
  • Improved communications between the field, shop and office
  • Increased visibility over your sites and resources

Tenna UI and Mobile App Showing the Dashboard Feature


You can use the Sites feature in your daily audit to see what is on your project site as well as what’s potentially available at other sites. Having visibility over your project as well as across the company can help make decisions that speed up your productivity instead of slowing it down.


  • Improved coordination of project needs
  • Reduced labor costs for handling and re-handling assets that a site does not need
  • Improved communication and connection between all teams


Tenna System showing the Sites Feature


Tenna’s dashboards, reports and answers get quick, straightforward data and answers to fundamental questions about your equipment fleet operations, costs and equipment utilization.


  • Improved decision making and support for financials with comprehensive data
  • Improved project forecasting
  • Increased exposure to wasteful practices and opportunities to regain costs


Tenna UI and Mobile App Showing the Dashboard Feature

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