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What Matters to Our Customers is What Matters Most to Us
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"There's so many different aspects that have changed for us since we started using Tenna and I can't imagine not going back to the old way. Tenna has been the best thing for us."

Mike H.
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"It's important to understand that every time you make a phone call to a site supervisor, you're pulling them away from what they're doing so it's not just the time they're on the phone but it's a distraction at the same time, so having that information in real time has solved that major pain point that we've been experiencing."

Matt G.
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"The most valuable feature is the utilization reports. We can see where our equipment is at all times, [and] how much is being used. We can transfer equipment by looking just at that report. If a certain site isn't using a piece of equipment and another site is in need of that equipment, we know which site to take it from."

Aaron A.
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"Another thing I like from the office standpoint is job costing…[out of] all the features that Tenna has…I use the tracking, hours, [and] setting of geofences. This is great for the office because it helps them track costs. We have sites within sites, so we can set multiple geofences up on one big site so we can track the equipment usage in each location, [and] trackers [that are] offline."

Kent K.
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"One thing that comes to mind when I think of Tenna is better information, [and] better data to make informed decisions...Advice for somebody considering Tenna would be if you're looking for a one platform solution, this is it."

Jake J.

Customer Quotes

We use Tenna's asset tracking solutions to collect critical information from the field to report on our business. With over 100 pieces of equipment moving around every day, Tenna helps us efficiently see and manage these assets and our jobsites.

Joey Sanzaro, Director of Maintenance, NJ Site & Utility

Tenna’s online platform has helped tremendously with our annual asset count and equipment audit. Now we can run reports. Before we would have to go through manually and find all the equipment. All we have to do now is run the app at our warehouse and the rest is done from the computer!

Kevin Radican, Senior Operations Manager, American Integrity Restoration

This is great for our users who aren’t super tech-savvy. Having all our telematics data filtered onto One Platform makes it such an incredible tool. I can train my team on one tool; reducing training, eliminating extra passwords, and leading to more uptime that a user can use the software. It’s so much easier to go to one interface and have everything you need at your fingertips.

Pat L’Heureux, Project Manager, Severino Trucking

I can’t say enough good things about Tenna and the Customer Service team. When potential customers call to get my opinion on Tenna, I tell them this: ‘You will not find another company with the level of customer service Tenna has.

Jodi Stone, Service Manager, Clark Equipment Rentals

I very much appreciate the relationships we have created with the Tenna staff... I feel comfortable contacting them when we have questions, and I truly feel like they are not just selling a product, but want to help their customers grow better, more efficient businesses… We spoke to many different companies about trackers before choosing Tenna, and Tenna just seemed like the right fit.

Abigail Cornett, Power User, Rental Works

[Tenna] actually cares about our success. All the other companies were just ‘get them in door’ and go from there and throughout the process [Tenna has] shown through their intentionality that they actually value this process and it comes across loud and clear.

Luke Kotovic, Maintenance Manager, Faber Construction

Our team was thoroughly impressed by the effort and time given by Tenna’s Team to ensure a successful implementation of the asset trackers on our equipment. They are the real deal. Real professionals! If implementation and onboarding is an indicator of Tenna’s platform, our entire team is very positive and optimistic!

Kent Killion, COO, E-Z Construction

Using Tenna in our company has been a game changer in our Fleet Maintenance Program. The system is very user friendly for the whole team, starting from the Operators to the Directors, in our operational process. We are pleased with the system and with the technical support team that is always very responsive and competent in providing us with the best support to make the most of the features we have available.

Daniel Oliveira, Project Manager, Southeast Highway

The actual installation on our equipment went better than I thought it was going to go. We didn’t have any issues impacting our jobs in any way. The Tenna team did an excellent job. The fact that I didn’t have to yell at anybody I think says a lot.  If we didn’t understand anything, a simple phone call corrected it.

Mike Harris, Asset Manager, LEM Construction

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