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Tenna Customers Stories

What Matters to Our Customers is What Matters Most to Us

Every day, our customers find more value, insight and efficiency from their mixed assets by using Tenna’s equipment management software and hardware. Read on for their real results.

"We had an incident involving one of our trucks that was stolen...the return on investment was over fifty thousand dollars."

Robert C.
Ferreira Power West

"When I think of Tenna, I think of convenience."

General Superintendent

"[Tenna] is critical to my day."

Robert B. Our Company

"[Tenna] is one of the greatest tools that you can put in your toolbox."

Shop Manager
Environmental Products Group

"Tenna saves so much time for me."

Shop Manager
Charley Toppino & Sons

"Tenna is a no-brainer."

Equipment Manager
Mladen Buntich Construction

"Tenna has been the best thing for us."

Equipment Manager
LEM Construction

"Tenna is intuitive, it’s easy to use and it’s what you need in construction."

Matt G.
Ernest Guigli & Sons

"We can set multiple geofences up on one big site."

Kent K.
E-Z Construction

"Better information, [and] better data to make informed decisions."

Jake J.

"[Tenna's] $1000 a month less than when I was using the other guys."

Todd N.

"[Tenna] was an all-around great choice, great bang for the buck"

Diana M.
Bloom Roofing

"Just do it and consider Tenna your first option."

Abigail C.
Rental Works

"There’s been a lot less theft now with Tenna than before."

Karlo C.
D.Guerra Construction

"To me that is the most valuable thing: having a one-stop-shop."

Pat L.
Severino Trucking

"You will not find another company with [Tenna's] level of customer service."

Jodi S.
Clark Equipment Rentals

"[Seeing] where all of our equipment is in live time is a game changer."

Kevin R.
American Integrity Restoration

See What Our Customers Have to Say

Why Tenna?

“Tenna is accessible, and you can tell that they have a contractor’s background and that they’re solving for the contractor…Tenna tries to understand their clients, their customers, and asks the questions to make the product better.

Matt G., Vice President, Ernest Guigli & Sons

“The history of Tenna, growing from a construction-based business, made us feel comfortable and reassured us that we would be working with a company that understood our needs within the construction industry. We spoke to many different companies … before choosing Tenna,and … from a customer service standpoint and from a knowledge base, Tenna was the right fit.”

Abigail C., Power User, Rental Works

Making You More Profitable

Severino Trucking improved equipment utilization and reduced unnecessary rentals of extra equipment, saving $25,000/year and located $40,000 worth of equipment not previously inventoried upon implementing Tenna. “We’re able to make better decisions because we have accurate, real-time data.”

Pat L., Project Manager, Severino Trucking

When customers rent units, it makes it much easier for us to be able to go back in and charge the appropriate customers any fuel surcharges. That’s another part of Tenna that took a very laborious job and turned it into a click. We can pull the reports and fast track that process a little bit better.”

Brad C., Director of Operations, Environmental Products Group

Heavy Equipment Fleet Maintenance

“Before, we would guess. We’d have papers by hours and miles so it was lot more difficult to track all that stuff. With Tenna, I put it all on the system. I can put it on an interval for 500 hours or 8,000 miles, and it will tell me when the maintenance is due so I can have that equipment or asset here in the shop so we can do the service and it goes back to the field.”

Karlo C., Fleet Technology Analyst, D. Guerra Construction

“Tenna has helped us with a few cost efficiencies like repairs. The ability to put in a maintenance request over a minor issue saves us from having to pay for a major issue because it went undetected or didn’t get reported in a timely fashion and it’s also helped us from doubling up on orders.”

Diana M., Safety Manager, Bloom Roofing

Heavy Equipment Utilization & Billing

“One of the most used features on the Tenna platform is the location as well as the utilization. We look at how often…our equipment is running at previous shifts over the past week, over the last month and [the data] really helps us make decisions about where to allocate our resources on what projects based on how they’re being utilized.”

Jake J., Director of Operations, R.J. Grondin & Sons

“Another thing I like from the office standpoint is job costing. We set up geofences around certain sites and we’re able to tell at the end of the job…how well they estimated…how long [equipment] was going to be utilized on the site…so going back and determining if they allocated enough usage of different types of equipment…will help us going down the road getting other jobs. We can tighten our numbers up.”

Kent K., Chief Operating Officer, E-Z Construction

Equipment Management

“Tenna brings a certain peace of mind. Knowing that when you complete a project that all equipment, all small tools, all attachments have been removed from the job and are back in the fleet, nothing left behind…So, there is a level of calmness that allows us to focus our efforts elsewhere with our clients, relationship-building, and keep the focus on providing a good service to our clients.

Robert G., President, E. Guigli & Sons

[Tenna] gives our financial people updated current information and…allows us to make better decisions on when we need to purchase new equipment vs. renting equipment. There are so many different aspects that have changed for us since we started using Tenna and I can’t imagine going back to the old ways. Tenna has been the best thing for us.”

Mike H, Equipment Manager, LEM Construction

Tenna makes our billing process much more efficient, saving us lots of time and questions, because we can see what is actually happening with our equipment. It has allowed for more and better communication amongst those who are managing our assets.”

Abigail C., Power User, Rental Works

Asset Tracking

“We use Tenna’s asset tracking solutions to collect critical information from the field to report on our business. With over 100 pieces of equipment moving around every day, Tenna helps us efficiently see and manage these assets and our jobsites.

Jodi Stone, Service Manager, Clark Equipment Rentals

“One of my favorite things about Tenna’s management system is the across-the-board visibility. It’s everything in total…We have the ability to see where our trucks are, what equipment is being used and where things are at in transit…some of our inventory management doesn’t even give us the clearest look that Tenna gives us and it’s second to none.

Diana M., Safety Manager, Bloom Roofing

“The ultimate goal of implementing Tenna was to create a better culture of accountability and being able to see [where] tools are [being] checked out to, where vehicles are located, essentially where the value in our company is being sent through reports and that’s where Tenna came through for us.”

Alex L., Purchasing Manager, Williams Companies


“This is great for our users who aren’t super tech-savvy…It’s so much easier to go to one interface and have everything you need at your fingertips.”

Pat L., Project Manager, Severino Trucking

I use Tenna all day long…For me, it’s really to use…it’s my main thing every day. Get on the platform, check my dashboard, see what’s offline, any requests on the trucks…”

Karlo C., Fleet Technology Analyst, D. Guerra Construction

“Tenna is intuitive, it’s easy to figure out and it’s what you need in construction. You don’t want guys in the field fumbling around with the interface, you want them to go in, couple clicks, get the information that they want and Tenna with the map view, the asset view, the ability to filter, it’s just intuitive and easy-to-use.

Matt G., Vice President, E. Guigli & Sons


“[Tenna is] helping a lot, especially with purchase orders…Everything we fix, it goes straight to Tenna…it doesn’t matter if its really small, put it in Tenna so [accounting] can say ‘ok Karlo asked me for this date for the spark plug, ok there’s that date, it matches everything and it’s perfect, everything matches. They work with Sage that mirrors with Tenna…so it matches my part with their part.

Karlo C., Fleet Technology Analyst, D. Guerra Construction

The [OEM] integration is awesome. It took me under five minutes to link 70 assets to Tenna. Utilizing OEM telematics is great and cost effective. Our company now has one platform that filters the OEM data from multiple manufacturers into one spot for our users to access.”

Pat L., Project Manager, Severino Trucking

Implementation and Tracker Installation

“Our team was thoroughly impressed by the effort and time given by Tenna’s Team to ensure a successful implementation of the asset trackers on our equipment. They are the real deal. Real professionals! If implementation and onboarding is an indicator of Tenna’s platform, our entire team is very positive and optimistic!”

Kent K., COO, E-Z Construction

“The actual installation on our equipment went better than I thought it was going to go. We didn’t have any issues impacting our jobs in any way. The Tenna team did an excellent job. The fact that I didn’t have to yell at anybody I think says a lot. If we didn’t understand anything, a simple phone call corrected it.”

Mike H., Asset Manager, LEM Construction

Onboarding and Customer Service

“I can’t say enough good things about Tenna and the Customer Service team. When potential customers call to get my opinion on Tenna, I tell them this: ‘You will not find another company with the level of customer service Tenna has.

Jodi S., Service Manager, Clark Equipment Rentals

“Partnering with Tenna has been an awesome experience for our team. From the introduction of their business to training us to install the trackers on our equipment, working with them through education on how to use the equipment effectively and working with them through any issues – they have been what they said they were going to be: outstanding.

Keith S., Owner, Keith D. Smith Concrete

When I think of Tenna I think of a partnership. The customer support has been fantastic [and] any time we make suggestions for product improvement or process improvement, it’s received well, and we know that the product development team works on it. And any time we have an issue or concern or question it gets addressed immediately.”

Jake J., Director of Operations, R.J. Grondin & Sons

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