Parts Inventory Management

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Take asset tracking and cost management even deeper with Tenna’s Parts feature.

This powerful new feature makes it easy to manage cost tracking for parts, efficiently schedule preventative maintenance, and have more control over inventory issues that can delay projects.

How Parts Inventory Works

  • Create or upload inventory parts and their details (photos, UPCs, SKUs, specs, warranties, etc.)
  • Add shipping data including size, weight, and load notes to prevent future delays
  • Manage inventory on hand across locations
  • Get alerts on minimum/maximum quantities
  • Easily pull new parts from an industry-built database of parts
  • Keep track of costs, transactions, and moves across locations
  • Pull parts from inventory into a Work Order or Maintenance Request
  • Know the parts needed for each preventative maintenance
  • Maintain a record of the parts history of assets along with their usage (miles/hours/days) and the status of their warranties
Tenna Cost Codes UI

Cost Codes Enhance Your Tenna Solution

Cost Codes provide a comprehensive understanding of project finances, make informed decision-making easier, and help companies achieve increased profitability and efficiency.


  • Improve cost tracking and transparency
  • Analyze costs across asset categories, preventative maintenance services, work orders, mechanics, and more

Benefits of Parts Inventory Management Software​

  • Reduce wait times and delays caused by missing or misidentified parts.
  • Track parts across multiple locations to reduce unnecessary reordering.
  • Improve productivity with less time searching for parts and more time on tasks.
  • Minimize overstocking and waste with accurate inventory data.
  • Accurately predict parts needs for future projects, leading to better budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Track warranty information to cut down on wasted inventory.
  • Eliminate preventative maintenance and scheduling delays with alerts for minimum quantities.

Parts Inventory Product Overview

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