Tracker Installation and Implementation

Onboarding and Implementation is more than checking off the boxes. We ensure we do it right the first time.

What to Expect at Tracker Installation

We’re not going to lie; it will take time and focus. Why? Because tracker installation must be implemented properly to ensure data is flowing accurately is not a “slap and track” exercise.

  • We create, tailor and execute your custom individualized Implementation Plan.
  • We install the asset tracker hardware as well as provide Mechanic Certification Training so your team is enabled for future installation success.
  • We help upload your data and configure your Tenna account while showing you the ropes during onboarding.
  • We guide you and your team with role-based training so you can know more, control more, become much more efficient and productive and, at the end of the day, have more time for what you need to focus on by maximizing the platform functionality.

Who Installs Your Asset Tracking Hardware?

Meet just a few of Tenna's super squad...

Tenna’s Implementation and Customer Success team is onsite with our customers whenever and wherever they are. Our support continues well beyond your initial tracker installations and training. Our Customer Success Team is the best, bar-none.

At Tenna, we’ve always got your back!

Jim George

  • Implementation Manager
  • 40 years in the construction industry
  • Jim is the leader of the pack
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  • Installation Mechanic
  • 10 years in the construction industry
  • Michael is a Coney Island native
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  • Installation Mechanic
  • 30 years in the construction industry
  • Bob is a NASCAR fanatic
See me in action!
Tenna onboarding and implementation team on site with a client to install asset trackers

"Our team was thoroughly impressed by the effort and time given by Tenna’s Team to ensure a successful implementation of the asset trackers on our equipment. They are the real deal."

Kent K.

COO, E-Z Construction

Onboarding & Implementation Overview

Learn more about what to expect from Tenna’s hands-on approach.

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