E-Z Construction

Customer Story

E-Z Construction is a specialty site contractor that operates out of Kentucky. Their services cover industrial and commercial site work development, design-build, and concrete construction.

Business Need

E-Z needed a solution that could track equipment movement between multiple job sites. They needed to know where their equipment was located and who was currently using it. E-Z also wanted to improve overall asset visibility and efficiency as their operations and overall fleet size grew. Before partnering with Tenna, E-Z manually tracked equipment with paper which became too difficult and inefficient to manage.

How Tenna Helped

Tenna helped E-Z Construction to be more efficient and productive by increasing equipment visibility.

Operationally, [Tenna] helps [us] be more efficient from a standpoint of moving equipment… It helps the guys we have that move equipment be more efficient because they can plan when they're moving one piece of equipment [from] one job site to the next [because] they can see where the sites are.

E-Z Construction heavy equipment on a job site using Tenna asset trackers

One of the big benefits is a lot of times people are looking for various pieces of equipment…and instead of sending a text out to…everybody in the company…they can go on the Tenna app and…they can get a point of reference where the last place it was and start there instead of sending us on a wild goose chase, so that is a time saving benefit.

Tracking equipment usage on the Tenna Platform allowed for more accountability within E-Z Construction.

We track hours on our equipment, it's very handy because it’s the responsibility of the job foreman…to write it on their dailies and sometimes people make mistakes, and it's a good way to check to see who's right and who's wrong.

E-Z Construction excavator on a job site using Tenna asset trackers

Tenna’s Geofences feature allows E-Z to assess their equipment utilization and job costs more accurately.

Another thing I like from the office standpoint is job costing…[out of] all the features that Tenna has…I use the tracking, hours, [and] setting of geofences. This is great for the office because it helps them track costs. We have sites within sites, so we can set multiple geofences up on one big site so we can track the equipment usage in each location, [and] trackers [that are] offline.


E-Z Construction Knows More with higher equipment visibility, Controls More with Tenna’s single platform solution, and Makes More by increasing efficiencies in the field.

[Tenna] gets it. They understand what you're trying to track, the problems trying to track it, and they have the right tracker for the right piece of equipment.

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