OEM & AEMP Integrations

Manage All Your Assets on One Platform

By implementing OEM & AEMP telematic integrations with Tenna, you can manage all your assets on One Platform.

Construction Equipment management is made easier by having third party OEM & AEMP data for your mixed asset fleet flow directly into Tenna, consolidating logistics, operations, equipment maintenance and reporting. This allows for comprehensive equipment management, improved preventative maintenance and optimal equipment utilization monitoring.

OEM telematics with focused Integrations graphic

OEM Integration Options at Work

Tenna works closely with your team to customize your OEM system integration to ensure the specifications of your project are comprehensive, implementation is successfully completed and data flow is mapping accurately.

A few of our integration partners include:

Graphic showing how OEM integrate within the Tenna platform
Visionlink Logo

Caterpillar VisionLINK

CAT logo

Caterpillar My.Cat

JDLink Logo in green

John Deere JDLink

Komtrax logo

Komatsu Komtrax

Volva Caretrack logo

Volvo CareTrack

AEMP Integrations

Tenna integrates with other construction technology solutions to help you bring your business ecosystem closer together, share data, improve communications, and maximize efficiencies. Tenna developed an AEMP compliant data flow to achieve seamless integration with OEM provided telematics and any application following the ISO/TS 15143-3 standard.

Once connected, the following data points are supported when available from the asset:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Fleet number
  • Serial number
  • VIN or PIN
  • Install certification decision date and time
  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Altitude
  • Total operating hours
  • Odometer
  • Total fuel used

Why Integrate with OEMs & AEMPs?

Additional OEM & AEMP Telematics Data Available on Your Tenna Platform Includes:

  • Location
  • Run time (engine hours/odometer miles)
  • Idle time
  • DEF level
  • Total fuel levels and consumption
  • Fault codes

OEM & AEMP Integration Benefits

  • One platform consolidating data from all your connected systems
  • Enable data flow from your OEM provider system to Tenna
  • Make use of the telematics data already being monitored separately on some of your equipment
  • Accurate, rich, LIVE data from the TennaCANbus at a higher frequency of updates than with OEM alone
  • Exclusive data from your OEM that is not enabled for third-party telematics
  • Ensures that you always have the fastest and most complete data at your fingertips
Tenna integrations used in the field

"The [OEM] integration is awesome. It took me under five minutes to link 70 assets to Tenna. Utilizing OEM telematics is great and cost effective. Our company now has one platform that filters the OEM data from multiple manufacturers into one spot for our users to access."

Pat L.

Project Manager, Severino Trucking

AEMP & OEM Integration Product Overview

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