Bloom Roofing

Customer Story

Incorporated in 1979, Bloom Roofing is an industry leading commercial roofing company based in Michigan.

Bloom Roofing decided to team with Tenna because really there was no comparison when I did the study…Not only did we have the ability to…view our fleet at any time, but we could track our equipment...[and] we had the ability to track our consumables. It had a dedicated customer service team which hands-down increases value tenfold…It was an all-around great choice, great bang for the buck.

Business Need

Bloom Roofing sought to keep track of their assets after they discovered one of their generators left behind at a jobsite which they did not know went missing in the first place. This prompted an inquiry into asset management solutions. Prior to Tenna, Bloom Roofing manually managed equipment with pen, paper and clipboards which could go missing easily and managed maintenance with phone calls.

Bloom needed a solution that would bring visibility to all of their assets and increase the accuracy of their drivers’ estimated time of arrival to customer sites.

Bloom Roofing Truck with a TennaMINI Solar on a trailer

How Tenna Helped

After teaming with Tenna in August 2020, Bloom Roofing adopted the use of QR tags, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, and GPS telematics trackers to manage their trucks and small tools.

“One of my favorite things about Tenna’s management system is the visibility. Across the board visibility. We’re not talking about just equipment and just fleet. It’s everything in total. I can see where my inventory’s at … Some of our inventory management doesn’t even give us the clearest look that Tenna gives us and it’s second to none.”

Tracking capabilities led to reliable ETA estimates shared with customers.

“Customer communication is elevated because … we can actually say, ‘Hey, our truck will be there in thirty minutes’ or ‘Our truck is scheduled to arrive at three o’clock today,’ however, we have the ability to show up a little bit early. The efficiency on our customer end is invaluable and that’s a cost saver every day.”

Using the Tenna App to submit maintenance requests and photos from the field has helped improve mechanic workflows and has resulted in valuable cost efficiencies for Bloom Roofing.

“Tenna has helped us with a few cost efficiencies like repairs. The ability to put in a maintenance request over a minor issue saves us from having to pay for a major issue because it went undetected or didn’t get reported in a timely fashion and it’s also helped us from doubling up on orders.”

“It’s pretty amazing for the guys to be able to … put in a maintenance request right from the roof … The ability to submit maintenance requests on the fly… [has] been incredible for us.”

TennaBLE Beacon on Bloom Roofing assets


Bloom Roofing Knows More with increased visibility of assets, Controls More with better ETA estimates and customer communications, and Makes More by saving on R&M costs.

“… For the bang for the buck, there really wasn’t anybody that compared with Tenna. It was a very easy choice … to team with Tenna.”

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