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The Rundown on Environmental Products Group

EPG is an environmental services company operating since 2001 across the south and southeastern U.S. They sell and service infrastructure and maintenance equipment and have over 100 pieces of their own rental equipment that they maintain and track, in addition to service contracts for their clients.

The Challenge

EPG needed a solution to track, maintain and generate IFTA reports for their owned and client rental equipment on a single platform. They also sought a system that would enable them to track both the chassis and the body systems of some of their assets separately due to the separate maintenance intervals needed for each piece, which was a key requirement for them.

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Brad C., Director of Operations, and Jeremy H., Shop Manager, had to say about Tenna:

Works for EPG's Unique Use Case

In terms of their unique dual-part chassis and body tracking needs,

“Tenna was the only provider that reached out and said we can make this happen and worked on it and got back to us. They put it all back into one single location for us to be able to see.”

Better Visibility on Maintenance

Better visibility around utilization helps EPG diagnose maintenance issues and efficiently schedule and perform services.

“Tenna helps to stay on top of all the maintenance and we see longer life, more hours, more miles out of all of our equipment. We see more up time then down time because we’re able to catch issues way before they become an issue.”

Increased Driver Safety

“Tenna provided some unexpected benefits and one would be the driver report card. It slowed down my drivers greatly, and it’s made them more cautious of their surroundings…I was able to stop a lot of excessive wear on our trucks.”

Easier IFTA Reporting

“With Tenna, we can quantify the fuel amount and stay up to date with our field tracking reports. When customers rent units it makes it much easier for us to go back in and charge the appropriate customers any fuel surcharges or taxes. Tenna took a very laborious job and turned it into a click. We can pull the reports and fast track that process.”

The Results

EPG Knows More with location visibility, Controls More with better maintenance processes and Makes More with improved productivity and efficiencies by eliminating wasted time and costs.

Cost Savings

Saves between $500 – $1,500 per service trip with better information and reduces unnecessary runs and wasted time.

Preventative Maintenance

Increased uptime and reduces downtime by catching issues early.

Saves Time

Saves days’ worth of time by eliminating unnecessary diagnostic and service trips.

Advice from Environmental Products Group

“If somebody was hesitant about Tenna. I’ll tell him just go with it. You’ll thank me later. It is one of the greatest tools that you can put in your toolbox.”

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