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TennaTalk is a podcast created for construction contractors. This podcast gives you the information and quick answers you need on construction technology related to equipment fleet operations for your business – in some cases in less than 5 minutes.

TennaTalk Podcast
Episode 49
June 14, 2022

The Benefits and Savings of Dash Cameras for Construction Fleet Management

Tenna’s new TennaCAM 2.0 features AI technology and powerfully complements the data Tenna pulls from vehicles, completing the picture for fleet managers about what is happening with assets and drivers.

Episode 48
June 2, 2022

The Truth About CAN bus: What It Is, What It Can and Can’t Do

Get a complete guide to CAN bus, or Controller Area Network, and understand how it connects and relays messages between various vehicle electrical systems.

Episode 47
May 16, 2022

Tenna Simplifies Rental Management

Our new and unique integration with rental management companies allows Tenna customers to manage their equipment rentals and their owned assets in the same system.

Episode 46
May 5, 2022

A Holistic Approach To Driver Safety

Understanding the technological and systematic resources available to enhance protection for driver safety.

Episode 45
April 13, 2022

How to Use Advanced Software to Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of Your Equipment

Find out how you can use modern equipment management software to reduce the total cost of ownership of your most important business assets.

Episode 44
April 6, 2022

Tenna Partnership Spotlight: Trimble-Viewpoint

Tenna’s partnership with Trimble-Viewpoint allows for deep integrations with ERP products widely used across the industry to simplify equipment data flow and analysis for construction accounting and finance teams.

Episode 43
March 23, 2022

4 Reasons Your Critical Assets Are Not Performing at Optimal Capacity

Learn why your most important assets are not performing as well as they should, and how asset management software can help you make the most of your key assets.

Episode 42
March 16, 2022

Benefits Of Automated Construction Resource Management

Learn about Tenna’s new total solution for construction resource management and dispatching for construction businesses.

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