Pricing Your Equipment Management System

One size does not fit all but Tenna’s One Platform Equipment Management System does it all.

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1Asset Types

Custom Pricing

Price is based on several factors including asset mix, asset trackers required and which products you need to build the equipment management solution to fit your company’s requirements.

TennaCORE Standard Functionality

TennaCORE includes standard features and functionality such for equipment management and asset tracking such as Assets, Sites, Geofences, Utilization, Notifications, Dashboards, Reports, Answers and more.

Data and hardware pricing is based on asset count.

Premium Products

Tenna’s offers premium Products such as Maintenance, Safety & Compliance, Integrations, and more. These products are optional add-ons to the TennaCORE platform and bring even more value to your business and equipment management operations.

Data and hardware pricing is based on asset count.

Implementation & Training

Tenna’s onboarding and implementation process includes, detailed project plan, system set-up, onsite tracker installation and verification, and both standard and customized end-user training. Pricing based on asset count, installation and training locations and duration and purchased features.

Service Access & Support

Tenna provides continual gold standard service and support at no additional cost. Priceless.

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