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Total Construction Planning and Scheduling in One View

Schedule is another way we help customers know more: where assets are, what’s needed on upcoming jobs, and what conflicts might delay or impair a job before it starts. See your labor and equipment schedule in a single calendar/Gantt chart view and get your two-week lookahead at a glance.

With Schedule incorporated into Tenna’s construction resource management software, it’s simple to keep tabs on current locations, scheduled locations, and any snags such as maintenance needs that might disrupt construction planning and scheduling. Instead of juggling emails, white board updates, or pins on maps, our construction scheduling software pulls everything together in one view, fully integrated with your other equipment management activities, where it’s easy to see conflicts, asset utilization, maintenance needs and more. Create a seamless flow from request to assignment to dispatch—keeping your jobs and teams on track.

How the Labor and Equipment Schedule Works

Labor & Assets in One Customizable View

  • Unique calendar/Gantt chart design makes it simple to see all current and upcoming requests and actions needed for assets and labor. Choose views from daily to two-week lookahead to a full quarter.
  • Filter by asset details, locations, names and more. Customize how views are arranged, sorted, and what details are available – there’s an optimal view for everyone.
  • See schedule data for Sites or individual Assets from the detail pages.

Eliminate Back and Forth

  • Manage requests, maintenance needs, and dispatch events in one comprehensive screen.
  • Quickly and easily view and resolve conflicting requests, locate alternative assets, and analyze utilization rates. 
  • Avoid mistakes or overlooked requirements by eliminating the need to toggle between multiple tools, systems, screens and emails.

Assist with Accurate Forecasting

  • View accurate history to analyze how equipment was used, the types of resources needed for specific sites, and what will be needed for upcoming jobs. 
  • Share two-week, monthly, and quarterly views to plan and mobilize appropriately for upcoming jobs with existing resources and avoid last minute scrambles and unexpected supply chain delays.
Construction scheduling software used to management labor and equipment resources shown on the Tenna Platform
Premium Product Badge for Tenna Products

Schedule is a Premium Addition to Tenna’s Core Features.

This optional functionality can be added on top of our Resource Management product to bring your team more insight into your current and upcoming projects.

Benefits of Tenna’s Labor and Equipment Schedule

Construction planning and equipment scheduling is made easy with Tenna’s Schedule product.

Increased Efficiencies and Productivity

  • Improve visibility communication by funneling requests from the field—already streamlined with Resource Management—into a single view to see conflicts, maintenance overlaps, and more. Close the loop with requestors to outfit jobsites appropriately.
  • Balance downtime and uptime by ensuring maintenance is complete for all required assets before jobs begin to avoid breakdowns during project operations.
  • Save time and improve visibility by forecasting months in advance to pre-plan preventative maintenance work, other jobsite conflicts and possible new purchase or rental needs. 

Decrease Costs

  • Save money by denying habitual requests for equipment that is rarely used and optimizing owned assets with better pre-planning to avoid unneeded rentals. 
  • Avoid costly job delays by having all required assets and labor on site when needed. 
  • Optimize field workflows with the mobile view for field employees to see their schedule and plan their days around where they need to be and when.

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