Customer Story
Ernest Guigli & Sons is an excavating contractor and site developer based in Natick, Massachusetts.

Business Need

Guigli & Sons needed an equipment management solution and access to real-time information as their fleet rapidly grew and their projects expanded over the state:

The need for an equipment tracker came when the fleet grew to the extent that it was hard to keep track of where all our equipment was, and the need to know exactly what pieces were being utilized and how…It was hard for one person toidentify the needs of the entire company and also keep track of the location of all the equipment. Tenna really stepped in at the right time for us and solved that problem.

Robert G., President, Ernest Guigli & Sons

How Tenna Helped

Tenna helped Guigli & Sons increase their efficiency by providing valuable utilization data.

When equipment is out in the field and it's not being utilized, there's an inefficiency and by having Tenna, our field superintendents have the opportunity to see where equipment is that may not be utilized on a certain job, but they have a need for it on their job so at that point, they can contact the other job superintendent, see if they can forfeit that machine which allows us to utilize the equipment to 100% capacity.

Robert G., President, Ernest Guigli & Sons
Ernest Guigli & Sons Construction Equipment

Tenna’s Map View feature provided overall equipment visibility to Guigli.

[Map View] is a very easy and intuitive way of getting the information that you want. We‘ve been talking about it for years…and Tenna came in and there it is. It's the easiest way of figuring out where your entire fleet is with the click of a few buttons.

Matt G., Vice President, Ernest Guigli & Sons

Having access to readily available information helped Guigli to resolve issues within minutes.

One of the major benefits of Tenna is to have that real-time information at your fingertips 24 hours a day. And if there's a request that comes along late on a Friday afternoon you can solve that problem.

Robert G., President, Ernest Guigli & Sons
Guigli construction equipment in the yard
With Tenna, Guigli was able to cut down on phone calls and improve communications in the company.

The biggest pain point that Tenna solved is eliminating a lot of unnecessary phone calls. In our business, if we can utilize something we own as opposed to renting it…that's a financial advantage to us. To figure that out before…we had to make anywhere between 2 and 10 phone calls. Now you can get that same information with a few clicks…

Matt G., Vice President, Ernest Guigli & Sons


Guigli & Sons Knows More with improved fleet visibility, Controls More with better company communications, and Makes More by increasing equipment utilization.

Tenna is accessible, and you can tell that they have a contractor's background and that they're solving for the contractor…Don't hesitate to look at Tenna as a fleet tracking app or solution. It's all-encompassing for all your equipment attachments, [and] small tools. If you can imagine it, they can provide it.

Matt G., Vice President, Ernest Guigli & Sons

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