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The Rundown on Express Sewer & Drain

Express Sewer & Drain is a professional plumbing organization that operates in the Greater Sacramento Area. Express Sewer currently utilizes approximately 300 Tenna trackers for their mixed fleet of paving machines, backhoes, Hydra Jetters, Ridgid Cameras, generators and more. 

The Challenge

Express Sewer & Drain sought a more efficient way to locate and manage their resources across jobsites. They also looked to increase visibility and communication between the field and office, as well as from jobsite to jobsite.

Before partnering with Tenna, Express Sewer relied on daily text messages and paper sheets to organize and manage their equipment and crews. As the company grew and their employee count increased, this became a challenge.

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Murray C. had to say about Tenna:

Increased Accountability

Tenna also increased accountability and efficiency within the Express Sewer organization. The trips report feature provided visibility into the progress of projects and the cause of delays. “Waste of time on projects has gone down a lot. Seeing who has been stopping and [wasting time] has gotten guys back to work instead of sitting around.”

One Platform

Tenna’s all-in-one platform provided Express Sewer with a solution for various asset types that was more than just a static location. “There wasn’t really enough to [basic trackers]. We were looking for an all-inclusive system for all our equipment. [Tenna] hit all the boxes.”


The maintenance feature provided Express Sewer with notifications for when their vehicles required service.

Recovering a Stolen Trailer

Tenna helped Express Sewer recover a stolen trailer within 4 hours of the theft.

“The theft would have cost us $70,000 and a few weeks [downtime] because, especially right now in the market, they are not readily available.”

Increased Privacy

The addition of Data Access Control equipped Express Sewer with the privacy they needed to track all their vehicles while simultaneously monitoring who can view this information.

“We didn’t want any employees being able to access and see management vehicles.”

Data Access Control allowed them to still track all vehicles, while being able to conduct site inspections and protect the privacy of employees who brought company vehicles home.

The Results

Express Sewer & Drain Knows More with better visibility, Controls More with improved internal communications and permissions, and Makes More by increasing productivity and locating equipment.

Theft Prevention

Saved $70,000 by recovering a stolen trailer.

Increased Productivity

Increased productivity and accountability by monitoring trip reports and crew delays.

One Platform

Gained efficiencies by implementing a total solution that goes beyond tracking.

Advice from Express Sewer & Drain

“We chose Tenna over other competitors because of how they can track assets as well as all the vehicles. The user interface was also very friendly compared to other ones that I’ve seen [and] it was easy to teach.”

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