Return Policy

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Policy and Procedures

RMA Procedure

Our Technical Support team will work with you to investigate your hardware issue. After determining your hardware needs to be replaced, and the hardware is under warranty (, our Technical Support team will begin an RMA process and the below steps will be followed.

Step 1:

RMA Created & Replacement Shipped: Tenna will create an RMA and ship out replacement hardware, along with the RMA packing slip and a return shipping label (if applicable).

Step 2:

Return Material to Tenna: Upon receipt of the replacement device, remove the new hardware, RMA packing slip, and return shipping label from the box. Review the RMA packing slip to ensure it accurately matches what is being returned. Place the hardware being returned, along with the RMA packing slip, in the box. Affix the shipping label to the sealed box (covering the original shipping label) and ship back to Tenna within 2 weeks.

*Note: If the hardware is not shipped back, the customer shall be invoiced accordingly.

Step 3:

Evaluation and Damage Determination: Upon receipt, Tenna will evaluate and diagnose the hardware. The warranty will be voided if the product is found to have been abused, misused, installed improperly, or modified in any way. In the event the warranty is voided, an invoice for the hardware will be sent to the customer for the cost of the replacement hardware, along with the shipping charge.

Additional Warranty information can be found in the Limited Warranty.

Locating Part Numbers and Serial Numbers

In certain instances, you may need to provide a Tenna device or component part number in order for Support to best assist with troubleshooting a hardware issue. Typically, the part number is located on a label affixed to the device or component. Please call Technical Support at (888) 836-6269 if you are unable to locate your part number.

Contact Information

Technical Support:

Phone: (888) 836-6269

Email: [email protected]

Support Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm, Monday – Friday (ET)