Why Tenna?

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Tenna is the only equipment management system built to solve construction challenges with GPS-based locations and actionable data and reporting. For the field and shop, Tenna users gain more control over resource management and better oversight for safety and compliance needs. At the office, Tenna users have full visibility over job costing, equipment utilization, and risk management without needing to interrupt the flow of work in the field. Make informed decisions, gain more business, and complete jobs more productively and profitably.

Why Tenna?

Without an effective equipment management software system, you are in the dark – losing sight of your mixed asset fleet and failing to maximize the ROI of your investments. It’s easy to lose track of things. But with Tenna, we’ll help you find more.

With Tenna, you take your equipment fleet into your own hands allowing you to Know More, Control More and Make More. With your assets consolidated onto one platform you maintain visibility and confidence with automated updates, records and insights.

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