Equipment Management in the Shop

Overcome Your Equipment Management Challenges and Meet Your Goals

Tenna is the only equipment management system built exclusively for the construction industry—and tailored to solve the specific challenges it faces—with GPS-based locations and actionable data and reporting. We understand the Shop (or Equipment Division) needs to ensure that projects have exactly what they need when they need it, and in working order. You need to know where everything is, where it needs to go, when mechanics need to be in the field to keep equipment running, and a whole lot more.

Our unified equipment management solution for mixed fleets helps you gain more control over resource management and better oversight for safety and compliance needs, including DVIR inspections, maintenance, and improved scheduling and dispatching.

Solving for Your Challenges in the Shop


  • Balancing maintenance needs with project needs
  • Maximizing owned equipment utilization to minimize unnecessary rentals
  • Knowing what is broken, scheduled for maintenance or lost


  • Optimize equipment fleet utilization across all projects
  • Have equipment onsite in good working condition and ready to use
  • Eliminate emergency maintenance

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  • Meeting the demands and hot priorities of multiple projects
  • Knowing what is broken, scheduled for maintenance or lost
  • Juggling multiple balls in the air


  • Have equipment onsite and ready to use on time
  • Maximize logistic planning for efficiency and cost control
  • Minimize unnecessary rentals

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Bloom Roofing using the Tenna system for maintenance requests

"It’s pretty amazing to be able to put in a maintenance request right from the roof, or an operator on a crane can take a picture and give a verbal message of exactly what's going wrong and submit that. It's been incredible for us."

Diana M.

Safety Manager, Bloom Roofing

Tenna Features and Functionality for the Shop


You can easily manage preventive maintenance, reduce downtime and prolong your assets’ lifespan with efficient construction maintenance software. Mechanics and shop personnel receive more detailed equipment maintenance and repair data and benefit from more predictable days.


  • Reduced emergency or unplanned maintenance issues and risks of breakdown
  • Increased project productivity with fewer resource delays
  • Improved response times to repair requests


Tenna System showing the Fleet Maintenance Feature

Tracker Management

You can see the status of all your trackers at your fingertips and run reports on specific criteria. You always know what is online, offline, running on low battery and which trackers are in your inventory waiting to be installed.


  • Increased visibility
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Reliable data


Tenna System showing the Tracker Management Feature

Asset Management

You can have access to details and telematics information on all assets across the organization, so you know what is or is not available for all the projects and where everything is to prepare assets for dispatch. You can group assets that need to be kept together such as fork sets and buckets for a loader.


  • Improved communication between the office, field and shop
  • Reduced Costs – Avoid unnecessary rentals and purchases and inefficient re-handling
  • Save Time – Stop wasting time trying to locate equipment


Tenna System and Mobile App showing the Asset List

Resource Management

You can review requests for equipment from the field and coordinate the logistics and movement of resources from site to site. See reports on current asset reservations and use insights about frequently requested assets to ensure you always have the right resources.


  • Improved communication from the field to the shop
  • Reduced labor costs for handling and re-handling assets a site does not need
  • Reduced hoarding across jobsites


Dispatch Events on the Construction Resource Management Feature on Tenna


Get an at-a-glance overview of all current locations, pending requests, and planned dispatch events for assets and labor to make construction planning and scheduling easier.


  • See work orders for requested assets and ensure maintenance is complete before jobs begin.
  • Quickly and easily view and resolve conflicting requests, locate alternative assets, and analyze utilization rates.
  • Ensure that jobs start with all required assets and labor and avoid costly delays with accurate equipment schedules.
  • View a two-week lookahead for each active project
  • Confidently plan for all forecasted equipment and labor needs through the next quarter with a complete understanding of all required assets for upcoming jobs.


Tenna Platform Showing Construction Scheduling Software

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