What can I track?

What type of assets can I track?

You can track all types of tools, equipment, parts, materials and even consumable inventory using different types of tags that all work with our platform.

Can I track things that don’t have power?

Yes. You can track both powered and non-powered tools and equipment.

Can I track equipment and tools that are in bad weather?

Absolutely. Our durable QR labels and tags are tested for 10-year lifespan and can withstand harsh conditions. Tags are waterproof and can take extreme temperatures.

Can I track materials (i.e. Steel beams, pipes, etc.)?

Of course. You can put our asset tracking tags on individual items or specify large quantities of bulk materials for inventory management.

Can I track spare parts?

Yes. Our clients have used us to track their key spare parts so that they can know which warehouse has extra parts.

How many assets can I track?

You can track as many assets as you need. We can help you assemble an appropriate bundle of asset tracking tags or trackers to fit your inventory or fleet.

Is there a limit to the quantities of the assets that I can track?

No. Our clients manage anywhere from a handful of assets to several thousands.


Can I re-invite a user?

Yes. You can simply resend the invitation email from your Company dashboard. If you deleted the user by mistake, please contact us and we will reenable them right away.

Can I invite users?

You can invite new users by simply adding their email and phone numbers. You can also manage permissions and tailor access based on your team’s needs.

Can I schedule work orders?

Yes. You can simply create a scheduled event or task and assign it to one or more people in your company. You can see its status and monitor when it is completed.

Can I include documentation attachments for an asset?

Yes. You can add PDF files and other attachments so they are accessible to all users via mobile device or computer.

Can I include inspection forms or daily reports to be completed from a mobile device?

Yes. You can link digital inspection, service, maintenance, or safety forms with each asset and verify in real-time that they are being completed in time.

Can I schedule preventive maintenance?

Yes. You can schedule maintenance requests ahead of time and manage a master calendar of all upcoming preventive actions and who they are assigned to.

Can your system help with equipment maintenance?

Yes. You can schedule maintenance requests and be notified when that task has been completed.

How do you track the location of my asset?

We track your asset using latitude and longitude coordinates with fifteen feet accuracy and record them with every scan or inventory. Depending on your needs and the tracker type you chose, you can

track the location of your assets autonomously or via scan.

Can I group two or more assets together?

Yes. You can create groups of assets and manage, move, or track them over time.

How many photos can I add?

You can add an unlimited number of photos per asset.

Can I see what has happened with a particular asset over time?

Yes. Tenna automatically logs every interaction with the asset including its location, timestamp, hours/miles, maintenance, personnel assignment, project assignment, and photos.

Can the system help with inventory management?

Yes, your inventory will always be up-to-date, saving you countless workdays of manual inventory checking every quarter of the year. Every time you scan an asset, your inventory record is immediately updated. Then, you can easily export your data or run reports to review your inventory levels and transactions.


Can I write my own reports/filters?

Yes. You can add the Asset Reports feature to your package and get unlimited fully custom reports.

Can I run reports for specific assets or pending requests?

Yes. You can always run tailored reports for just one asset or for a selection of assets, and easily export directly into CSV or PDF.


Do you integrate with other systems?

Yes. We integrate with other systems through the Zapier network. In order to integrate, you will need to setup an account with Zapier and contact your Tenna sales rep.

Please contact us directly for questions about custom integrations.

Are you integrated with QuickBooks?

Yes. We can easily integrate with QuickBooks Online.


Can the system tell my customers the status of our route?

Yes, as the driver completes his/her stops, the system will automatically send a text or email to your recipient customer. Be sure to click this option when setting up the route.

What if I need to change the route?

You can simply edit the route, and Tenna will automatically recalculate the route and update the driver in real-time.

How can I manage my routes?

Tenna helps you create, manage, and monitor routes digitally. You can create routes that will be optimized to save you mileage and man-hours.Just select which assets or locations should be on the route and the system will find the fastest sequence every time.


Are there additional costs for adding users?

Most packages will provide an unlimited number of users and mobile applications.

Are there additional costs on optional features?

Yes. Our optional add-on features, such as Routing, Asset Reports, Real Time Dashboard and KPI Reports can be added to your account for a fee.

How is the pricing broken down?

Pricing is broken down by software subscription, tags/trackers and optional equipment, implementation services, and add-on features.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on tiered packages designed to match your needs in terms of number of assets and number of users.

Please contact us to get a tailored price for your needs.


Does the system work offline?

Yes. The system works offline on our Mobile Apps. If you have no connection, you can scan and make changes to assets without a problem, and they will be updated once you get back in service or within a wi-fi connection.


What types of RFID tracking do you offer?

We offer RFID trackers that can be scanned with a RFID scanner and/or through a stationary antenna gateway that can inform you when your assets go in/out of a site or yard.


Do I need to buy additional hardware to scan?

If you track using QR codes, you can use your own mobile devices (iOS or Android).

If you track using RFID tags, you will need to purchase RFID readers and/or antennas for the gates at your yards or sites

Can you help get us setup or do I have to install by myself?

We offer a full-service implementation to save your team time. If you hire us, we will deploy an implementation team consisting of US Army Special Forces veterans who will bring the same discipline and responsiveness to your project as they have done before. Alternatively, we can also provide you the training to implement everything yourself.

Which tag works best for my asset?

Our team of experts will advise and help you decide which solution, such as QR codes or RFID, best meets your needs.