Frequently Asked Questions

Markets and Location

Do you support other markets outside of construction?

It depends. Our solution is designed for the construction industry so we may not be the best solution to fit your needs and requirements. Our One Platform is designed for the construction industry and caters to their unique needs. In the future, we will be rolling out to additional markets. If you want to be contacted, please complete this form.

Where do you offer services?

We are currently supporting customers in the United States and Canada. We plan to expand into other geographic areas in the future. If you want to be notified when we add your region, please complete this form.

Asset Tracking

Can I track things that don’t have power?

Yes. You can track both powered and non-powered equipment, tools, and materials.

Can I track equipment and tools that are in bad weather?

Absolutely. Our durable family of trackers can withstand harsh conditions. See our solutions page for additional specifications and details on our Hardware.

How many assets can I track?

You can track any and all assets in your fleet on our platform. We help you customize a solution that matches your mixed assets and needs.

What type of assets can I track?

You can track all types of tools, equipment, vehicles, parts, materials and even consumable inventory using different types of tags that all work with our platform. Check out our Solutions by Asset Type to learn more.

Does the Tenna App need to be open to pick up BLE Beacon locations?

Tenna leverages background Bluetooth ranging which allows mobile devices equipped with the Tenna App to locate Tenna BLE Beacons in the background, even when the app is not open. Beacon location is captured every few minutes and seamlessly updated on the Tenna platform.

What is the benefit of Bluetooth Background Processing?

The benefits of having background Bluetooth ranging include:

  • Regular, autonomous updates to the location of your assets tracked with Tenna BLE Beacons without having to manually scan them.
  • Ability to leverage any device that has the Tenna App to locate and update your assets.
  • Optimized battery consumption allowing for hours of Tenna App usage without significant power drain on your mobile device.

Asset Utilization

What information is available?

You can view asset utilization at the individual asset level, across your equipment fleet company wide and across your active sites.

For individual asset level detail, you can see how many hours and corresponding percentages the asset has been used over daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, year-to-date and life-to-date durations.

How often is it updated?

By default, the information is for the past 24-hour period.

How is utilization information captured?

Utilization is captured using data from one of two of our tracking devices—the Tenna Fleet Tracker and TennaGO Plug-in.


What kind of reports can I run?

You can export data and run a variety of reports on your assets, sites, users and trackers. Some examples include Trips history, Asset Utilization, Project Utilization, Hours and Miles accumulation, Financial information, Fuel usage and more.

Can I create my own reports?

You can specify custom time periods and export specific data points and filters for custom reporting. Anything included in Tenna’s data tables can be tailored when reporting out.


Can I invite users?

Yes. You can invite an unlimited number of users into your Tenna Account. You can also manage permissions and tailor access based on your team’s needs.

Can I re-invite a user?

Yes. You can simply resend the invitation email from the User tab on your Settings menu. If you deleted the user by mistake, please contact us and we will re-enable them right away.

Is there a limit on users?

No. You decide who you want using the system and how many people.

Implementation, Onboarding & Customer Success

Do you provide implementation services?

Yes. We work with your team hands-on to ensure that you get the most out of our solution. We create a customized implementation plan so that you know what to expect.

What does Customer Success do?

Our team is there to help you be successful. We know that our success is dependent on your own. They are there to onboard and implement your Tenna System, provide trainings, answer questions, trouble shoot, and more.

How long will it take?

That depends. Our solution is customized to your needs and so is our implementation process. So, to be safe, plan on at least two months before you are rocking and rolling.

How do I contact my Customer Success representative?

You can reach your representative by phone or email. If you can’t reach them, you can call 833.50TENNA (833.508.3662)

Safety & Compliance

What is IFTA?

IFTA is a government regulation that drivers and fleet managers in 48 of the United States and 10 Canadian provinces must comply with when operating their trucks and vehicles in multiple jurisdictions outside of their base state for federal tax reporting. IFTA is calculated based on miles and fuel costs in different states or provinces that drivers of IFTA-“qualified motor vehicles” have entered.
Tenna helps you to leverage your telematics data to aid in tracking your IFTA miles for IFTA compliance.