Customer Story

Zefiro is a full-service, advanced pile driving corporation based in Southern California with operations across the U.S.

Business Need

Zefiro sought an equipment management solution to help them stay organized and advance their processes from spreadsheets and notes into an all-in-one system that would be easy for their team to use and would allow them to keep up with ongoing preventive maintenance intervals.

How Tenna Helped

Zefiro is finding a return on their investment in Tenna.

We save money in preventive maintenance. So, we’re able to get things on time and down the road parts aren’t breaking down as fast.

Mike B., General Superintendent, Zefiro
Zefiro mechanic doing maintenance on their fleet

Besides the maintenance intervals, a pain point was managing the tooling for each drilling rig. We have a lot of different pieces of tooling, and they get moved around a lot. So, we would lose them on jobs, and we wouldn't know where to find them.

Ricky E., Assistant Field Engineer, Zefiro

[Tenna's] making it easy for our guys in the field to be able to send notifications to the office and makes the whole process go a lot easier and more organized.

Mike B., General Superintendent, Zefiro
Zefiro using Tenna to track preventative maintenance

Tenna helps Zefiro keep up with maintenance and monitor their assets through geofences.

The most valuable features we use are maintenance and geofences. Geofences really help with everyday visibility. I can go on the app and see what part of the job [each asset] is on. The maintenance is awesome for us to make sure we keep up with it.

Mike B., General Superintendent, Zefiro
Zefiro using Tenna to track equipment onsite

Zefiro found unexpected value as well:

One unexpected benefit was for our tooling. We have hammers and drill rotaries that go along with our machines. It's very hard to stay up with maintenance on those, and it actually was pretty easy for us to correlate that straight into Tenna.

Mike B., General Superintendent, Zefiro


Zefiro Knows More with visibility into their widespread assets across their jobsites with geofences, Controls More with better preventive maintenance and Makes More by preventing costly breakdowns or repairs needed due to infrequent maintenance.

When I think of Tenna as part of my business, I think of convenience.

Mike B., General Superintendent, Zefiro

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