Equipment Management Benefits from the Office

Overcome Your Challenges and Meet Your Equipment Management Goals

Tenna is the only equipment management system built exclusively for the construction industry—and tailored to solve the specific challenges it faces—with GPS-based locations and actionable data and reporting. At the office, Tenna users have full visibility over job costing, equipment utilization, and risk management without needing to interrupt the flow of work in the field. The result is the power to make informed decisions, gain more business, and complete jobs more productively and profitably.

Our construction technology solution puts your entire equipment fleet on One Platform. We understand what Owners/CEOs, CFOs / IT Directors and the rest of your support departments go through daily. Construction is a tough industry for a variety of reasons, but when it comes to managing your capital investments and maximizing the value of your mixed equipment fleet it doesn’t need to be so challenging.

Solving for Your Challenges in the Office


  • Not enough hours in the day
  • Managing and juggling shifting priorities
  • Achieving work life balance


  • Drive organizational growth through new and repeat business
  • Maximize profits
  • Keep advisors and board of investors happy

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  • Not enough hours in the day
  • Maintaining positive cash flow
  • Managing unplanned costs


  • Maximize profits
  • Minimize risks
  • Keep advisors and board of investors happy

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  • Juggling multiple balls in the air
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Ability to see all areas of responsibilities


  • Keeping everything running smoothly
  • Controlling operation costs
  • Meeting project deadlines to avoid penalties

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  • Maintaining a secure environment
  • Product integrations to work with your existing technology ecosystem
  • Shifting priorities
  • Maintaining existing solutions to support different functions
  • Bringing in new solutions to support different function


  • Maintaining security across your technology ecosystem
  • Maintaining systems
  • Implementing new products/software that will enhance the technology ecosystem
  • Alignment with existing solutions

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EZ Construction using the Tenna App for Geofencing on Sites

"The use of geofences give us insight to job costing. At the end of the job we can compare estimates to actuals. Going back and determining if they allocated enough usage of different types of equipment will help us win other jobs and tighten our numbers up."

Kent K.

Chief Operating Officer, E-Z Construction

Tenna Features and Functionality for the Office


Tenna’s dashboards, reports and answers get quick, straightforward data and answers to fundamental questions about your equipment fleet operations, costs and equipment utilization.


  • Improved benchmarking and forecasting with readily available analytics
  • Improved decision making with comprehensive data
  • Increased visibility with easy-to-understand metrics
  • Improved forecasting
  • Improved communication for all members of the team sharing the same information


Tenna UI and Mobile App Showing the Dashboard Feature


Construction integrations, including other business systems such as Accounting, ERP, Project Management and other SaaS Integrations as well as OEM Integrations allow different business systems to share data, communicate with each other and work together, all to help streamline your business processes.


  • Elimination of gaps in information, elimination of chasing down information
  • Reduction of duplicate data entry, reduction of rework, reduction manual entry errors
  • As a result of gained efficiencies, improved decision making


Tenna and Integrations UI Connecting

Equipment Utilization

You can monitor equipment utilization today and over time to measure how often your assets are working and determine their economic efficiency and value for your business. Control more to improve your equipment utilization and increase your profitability.


  • Improved competitiveness with more accurate bid rates
  • Improved decision making with accurate utilization and cost data
  • Increased efficiencies for all parts of the business


Tenna UI Showing the Utilization Feature

Asset Management

You can access details and telematics data on all assets across the organization giving you complete visibility to your entire mixed equipment fleet.


  • Increases margins with decreased repurchases and unnecessary rentals
  • Improved accuracy in accounting for owned assets and previously hidden inventory
  • Improved visibility to take appropriate action when an asset is under (or over) utilized


Tenna System and Mobile App showing the Asset List

Safety & Compliance

You can monitor driver performance based on behaviors and trends captured on Driver Scorecards and ensure vehicle safety prior to on-road operation with DVIR to improve record keeping and reduce safety incidents across operations.


  • Reduced risk of safety incidents for improved safety performance and record
  • Reduced emergency or unplanned maintenance issues and risks of breakdown
  • Increased attention to insights and reaction to unsafe behavior for safer performing assets and personnel, reduced costs and execution delays


Tenna System showing the Safety Feature

Permissions and Notifications

Permissions allow you to choose what everyone has access to, which provides security to the information that you collect on your equipment fleet.

All users receive alerts for high importance events and messages on a permission basis for routine or non-critical event communications.


  • Increased security of your data
  • Improved communication
  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased stress


Tenna System showing the Notifications Feature

Tracker Management

Tracker management is used during your implementation and beyond to verify that your asset trackers are synced to the equipment management platform and performing correctly immediately following installation.


  • Increased reliability of data
  • Improved visibility into the hardware health
  • Improved productivity


Tenna System showing the Tracker Management Feature

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