Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Daily DVIRs are Required for Compliance with Federal Regulations

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports are records required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and US Department of Transportation (USDOT). Each driver operating a commercial on-road motor vehicle is required to complete and submit these driver inspection reports daily.

Part of the Safety & Compliance feature, Tenna’s DVIR app for iOS and Android lets contractors stay compliant with DVIR regulations by replacing manual, paper-based methods with easy digital driver inspection report forms that are more likely to be completed by your drivers and are one less thing for them to physically keep track of.

How DVIR Works

Set your drivers up to perform their responsibilities more efficiently while reducing time and effort required to complete routine monitoring tasks by enabling Tenna DVIR for your account.

DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) on Tenna App

Link Your Assets

  • You configure the inspection points required for each asset needing DVIR in your fleet. Tenna’s unique, QR-code based DVIR app allows your drivers to perform their visual walk around, scanning each inspection point along the way and perform mechanical inspections pre and post trip.
  • Identify your inspection points with Tenna’s DVIR labels and criteria based on your unique fleet of vehicles.

Perform Inspections

  • Perform pre and post-trip driver inspection reports to maintain compliance with DOT safety regulations.
  • Drivers sign and submit their driver inspection reports and are on their way.
  • Flag defects on assets as unsafe or noncompliant with automatic alerts to the shop for attention, maintenance or service and certification of repair.

Address Issues in the Shop

  • Document fixes performed by mechanics on assets identified during failed inspections.
  • Certify the correction of any defects noted in inspections for final sign off and submittal.
  • Proactively keep up with vehicle maintenance and tune ups.

Maintain Compliance

  • Easily identify vehicles that did not produce their required daily driver inspection report with reports and notifications.
  • Easily access and download inspection reports for sufficient record keeping and compliance during audits.

Optimize Safety

  • Enhance the safety of the traveling public and your drivers on the road by keeping their vehicles safe and serviced.
  • Use missed inspection reports to improve pre-trip driver safety routines and reduce the risk of accidents or fines.
Construction fleet tracked with TennaFLEET trackers

"The DVIRs help a lot. Especially to know and understand who’s actually doing them and who’s not since everyone who drives a company truck is required to do a DVIR inspection. It especially helps improve maintenance because they’re recording whatever’s wrong with the vehicle."

Karlo C.

Fleet Technology Analyst, D. Guerra Construction

Benefits of Tenna’s DVIR Functionality

Managing your equipment fleet with Tenna’s DVIR feature brings the following benefits to your business’ processes, operations and organization:

Increased Compliance and Safety

  • Promote awareness and compliance with federal and DOT regulations and company procedures.
  • Improve communication from the field to the shop.
  • Improve visibility over operations and safety performance.
  • Identify safety hazards or potential performance issues in advance of operation.
  • Reduce risk of safety incidents.
  • Reduce emergency or unplanned maintenance issues with digital notification of hazards or defects.
  • Reduce operating costs and avoid costly breakdowns, malfunctions or fines.
  • Improve asset performance and utilization.

Better Business

  • Reduce risk of violations, failure to complete or retain inspection forms and fines.
  • Streamline processes for thorough completion and improve record keeping and documentation.
  • Reduce insurance premiums with documented safety tracking programs.
  • Win more work with an improved safety record.

DVIR Product Overview

Tenna offers a unique way of performing DVIR inspections in the field and submitting them to the shop, also tying into the maintenance feature.

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