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The Rundown on Ferreira Coastal Construction

Ferreira is a national leader in the construction industry with offices in New Jersey, Florida, New York, California, Rhode Island, and Virginia. Ferreira employs over 1,500 workers providing transportation, utility, power, marine construction, and renewable energy services. Ferreira Coastal Construction was created in 2013. With this depth of knowledge and experience, Ferreira Coastal Construction delivers the safest and highest quality of work on every project.

Construction Type

Civil Construction, Electrical, Renewables, Utility

Amount of Fleet

Approx. 500 pieces of equipment

Number of Tenna Users

Ferreira has 150-200 employees using Tenna daily

The Challenge

Ferreira Coastal Construction needed an equipment management solution to help them identify utilization trends for their fleet of equipment and create reports. They needed help improving safety with driver scorecards, understanding rental usage, and dispatching equipment and labor crews.

Prior to finding Tenna, Ferreira Coastal Construction was using separate systems to manage equipment, resources, and manpower. They wanted a solution that could provide all the data they needed in a single system without the need for multiple apps and software.

Ferreira Coastal Construction also wanted to implement solutions to protect drivers and the company from liability, and find ways to improve the completion rate for DVIR inspections.

Pain Points

  • Multiple systems to manage both equipment and labor resources
  • Improving driver safety with scorecards
  • Improving dispatching of equipment from site to site
  • Understanding rental needs and owned equipment utilization

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Ferreira Coastal Construction had to say about Tenna:

Improved Driver Performance

“When we first got Tenna, we were probably 30% D’s and F’s [on the driver scorecards]. In the course of three months, we got down to single digits for D’s and F’s. If we got an alert, we had someone from our dispatch team call them every time. We really tracked and pushed it.”

DVIR Compliance

“When we rolled out the DVIRs, we took the same approach. We called our driver if they didn’t do a DVIR by 10 a.m.

The one thing that we found valuable was that it’s a lot less time hunting down paper and forms. Now we’re able to look online and see what’s done and what’s not done.”

Easily Assign Resources to Job Sites

“Tenna’s Resource Management has been a good tool for us. We’re able to look at the screen and see exactly what [equipment] is on each job and if it’s being utilized. We set up all the geofences, and now you can grab [an asset] and drag it to another job and it will create a dispatch.”

Construction Focused Construction Experienced

“We chose Tenna because of their experience in construction. We felt that it was really built for the industry and not just a software that was just playing in construction. It was really mindful of the purpose of the software. Tenna, being in the industry for a hundred plus years, knew what they wanted and they built the platform to work for the construction industry.”

Exceptional Customer Support

“Prior to Tenna, we had another company we were using, and we just couldn’t get the customer service that we were looking for through them. Tenna’s customer service and support has been exceptional: weekly calls, coming in with us as a group, senior management talking to our team. You will get a person on the other end of the line when you call. If they don’t know the answer, they will get it for you, and they will work with you.”


“We chose Tenna because we wanted to be a forward-thinking company. We wanted the technology to support moving our equipment forward in the industry with real data to support our equipment needs, and together working along with our insurance carriers we really thought we can make a change with some of our losses.”

Protection from Liability

“[There are] accidents where the other person goes back to their carrier and says it was Ferreira’s fault. They hit me. They did this. Then we watch the footage, and it’s clearly not Ferreira’s fault. We send that to the other carrier and they just send us the check.”

Invaluable ROI

“One incident will pay for the cost of it. You get your money back quickly with exonerating someone who had an accident.”

The Results

After implementing Tenna, Ferreira Coastal Construction is saving money, saving time, and finding ways to grow their business.

Improved Productivity

From management to field techs, work is scheduled days ahead of time.

Stronger Safety & Compliance

Driver performance and inspection compliance have greatly improved.

Lower Risk & Liability

Driver data has exonerated the company from false accident claims.

Advice from Ferreira Coastal Construction

“The customer service and a lot of the features they have are really good. If they don’t have it, they’ll work with you on getting it for you, where other companies wouldn’t do.

Look at how you’re managing your DVIR inspections, how you perceive your drivers to be driving your company-owned vehicles, and take a step back and think about what you think they’re doing versus what they’re actually doing and how it’s actually being done. I think you’d be surprised.”

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