Custom Construction Equipment Inspections

Create Custom Inspection Forms for Your Unique Business Needs

Construction equipment inspections are a critical piece of fieldwork, but, when it comes to your mixed fleet, not all equipment is created equal. Do you have certain assets that are more prone to leaks, or equipment on specific job sites that are collecting a lot of external damage? With so many variables, you need a more customized approach to equipment inspections.

With Tenna’s custom inspections feature, contractors can build their own construction equipment inspection forms to suit unique asset class, organizational and project needs – and make inspections more meaningful.

How Custom Inspections Work

Build Custom Inspection Forms

Build as many construction equipment inspection forms as you need for specific asset types, compliance requirements or unique circumstances on certain jobsites. Decide your categories to inspect as well as your frequency of inspections. Group together inspection items to ensure users don’t miss critical components.

After creating a custom form, you can select categories and instantly add your new form to all applicable assets – individually or by bulk application. Plus, you can swiftly update inspections when assets are added or changed.

Act on Equipment Inspections

Just like Tenna’s heavy equipment inspections functionality, custom inspections enable operators to perform inspections in the field with easy QR-code based inspection functionality. Defects on unsafe or noncompliant assets will be flagged, and failed inspections link to Tenna’s Maintenance feature to help automate your workflows by connecting your field and shop teams for better communication and quicker action.

Once mechanics resolve a failed item, they can easily mark as such to close the loop. Operators or drivers will be alerted of any previous defects and given the option to recertify that the work performed remedied the issues and that the asset is operational again.

Tenna Custom Inspections UI

Access Inspection Reports

All completed inspections are logged under your inspection reports to help you keep an accurate log of activities for record keeping, compliance during audits and heightened resale value. Review and print your past inspection submissions and be notified of any instances where vehicles or assets have been operated without their required inspections.

Easily link inspection reports to Sites, so you can quickly access all job documents in one place.

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Custom Inspections Premium Add-On

Custom Inspection Forms make Inspections even more powerful and impactful.

Custom Inspection Forms are a premium add-on to our Safety & Compliance module. Now you can build your own inspection forms to suit your organization and projects.

Benefits of Creating Custom Inspections within your Equipment Management Solution

Increased Compliance

  • Stay in compliance with all inspection requirements, quickly spot assets and vehicles in need of inspection, and get notified when inspections have been missed.
  • Create new forms for special use cases, specific projects or job sites, certain types of assets, state or local requirements, and more.
  • Improve adoption for your safety and compliance procedures by empowering any field personnel, driver or operator to quickly access and submit the correct inspection for their vehicles and equipment from their mobile device.
  • Enforce mandatory fields to get the data you need, and mandate signature fields for improved communication and issue tracking.
  • Eliminate “pencil-whipping,” the practice of marking inspection items as safe without visually and physically inspecting the asset and/or its components, by requiring photos for specific elements and key safety points custom to each form.

Better Business

  • Get a comprehensive view of all of your custom and standard inspections, including all equipment inspection history and details, across your mixed fleet.
  • Extend the life of valuable assets and keep assets in working order by creating custom inspections.
  • Quickly act on failed criteria to avoid downtime through Tenna’s Maintenance module.
  • Ensure the safety of your drivers and crews.

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