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Tenna is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. Going beyond tracking, Tenna blends cutting-edge technology with more than 100 years of construction experience to help companies know more, control more and make more.

We have been there

In 2014, Austin Conti and Jose Cueva met in North Carolina. Working for The Conti Group, Austin was the Superintendent and Jose a Project Engineer of a $67M project for the NCDOT reconstructing 3.8 miles of road and building a new 65-foot high bridge over water. They both were there on assignment (out-of-staters) and as a result, were housemates as well as co-workers. They quickly realized that there was a gap between what they needed on the job versus what could be found across the jobsite and what was available within their sizable equipment fleet at any given time. Thus, the idea was sparked to create a construction technology platform to revolutionize equipment fleet operations.
built on over 100 years construction

Built on over 100 years of construction experience

We experienced your challenges firsthand which is why we built Tenna. We use our extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in the construction industry as the foundation for our platform.  We’ve been where you are and understand that knowledge is power. Actionable data, location and reporting will give you a competitive edge.

Comprehensive, reliable tracking

We use state-of-the-art integrated GPS tracking, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR technologies to ensure that your entire mixed fleet is accounted for – not just your trucks and heavy iron.  Not all technologies are created equal and we recognize that.  We customize our tracking technologies to fit your unique situation. 

Unified platform for mixed fleets

From heavy iron, to vehicles and mid-sized equipment, to small tools, we give you a complete view of your entire equipment fleet on One Platform. You can eliminate the maintenance of multiple systems for managing your stuff.

We have found that as much as 20% of a mixed asset fleet is unaccounted for.  That is a lot of money lost! 


We have worked in the field. In fact, all our employees spend time in the field (TennaLAB) to understand what you and your crews go through. From safety training briefings to navigating around sites with lots of moving parts and noises, and from steel-toed boots overheating to trying to work a mobile phone with gloves on, our team has experienced it so they can comprehend what you go through.

We stand by our product

Our goal is to help you:

Know More about your equipment fleet,

Control More—from machine to project to your business we give you complete visibility;

Make More—don’t be on the defensive.  Get on the offensive with a company that has the experience in the industry.

Tenna Values

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Looking toward the future, strengthening and expanding our solutions and service to our customers.



Dedicating ourselves to working hard with urgency, providing an unbeatable customer experience.



Remaining ahead of the curve and a top provider for evolving customer needs.

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Listening and asking questions respectfully and personably, fostering a positive relationship.



Staying accountable and true to our word, generating trust and reliability.

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