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We believe the best is right in front of all of us, and that each day holds more potential than the one before. And finding every new discovery can lead to something better than we thought possible.

That’s why we use today’s and tomorrow’s advanced technologies – from Internet of Things (IoT) GPS asset trackers to highly durable QR code inventory tracking – to connect your physical assets to our cloud-based asset management system.

As a result, Tenna customers find new discoveries, plus more insight, opportunity and value from superior asset management solutions every day.

Tenna Values


Looking toward the future, strengthening and expanding our solutions and service to our customers


Dedicating ourselves to working hard with urgency, providing an unbeatable customer experience


Remaining ahead of the curve and a top provider for evolving customer needs


Listening and asking questions respectfully and personably, fostering a positive relationship


Staying accountable and true to our word, generating trust and reliability

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