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The Rundown on Severino Trucking

Severino Trucking is a civil contractor focusing on site and highway construction, subdivisions and municipal utility work servicing New Hampshire since 1975. Severino has over 150 employees with a full mechanic shop. Managing over 100 pieces of construction heavy and specialty equipment fleet including loaders, dozers, compactors, rollers, graders, excavators, backhoes, skid steers, rock trucks, water trucks, etc.

The Challenge

Severino sought to streamline their process of using Excel sheets, pen and paper, and lots of phone calls to manage their assets.

The field team needed to know where equipment was across the job sites and the shop manager needed a way to keep track of it from a service and maintenance standpoint.

They wanted information to flow between the rest of the company as sharing the information between teams is critical.

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Pat L., Project Manager, had to say about Tenna:

Return on Investment

Severino improved equipment utilization and reduced unnecessary rentals of extra equipment, saving $25,000/year and located $40,000 worth of equipment not previously inventoried upon implementing Tenna. “We’re able to make better decisions because we have accurate, real-time data.”

One Stop Shop

“To me that is the most valuable thing: having a one-stop-shop for ‘where is all my equipment…’ Our mechanics, superintendents and owners see the value in the product for our visibility.”

Ease of Use

“This is great for our users who aren’t super tech-savvy…It’s so much easier to go to one interface and have everything you need at your fingertips.”

Improved Visibility & Communication

After teaming with Tenna, Severino dipped their toes into the equipment tracking space with QR codes, later followed by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and finally graduating to GPS telematics trackers for their heavy machines and integrating OEM telematics into Tenna’s interface, creating a single telematics platform.

Having an equipment management system helped with improved visibility and communication company-wide.

“It’s increased the quality of communication between decision makers while reducing the quantity of communication. Unnecessary and redundant phone calls and e-mails have been cut out of our workflow. Less time is spent tracking equipment and more energy can go into how equipment will be utilized and maintained.”

Proactive Preventative Maintenance

Collecting hours and monitoring utilization have helped mechanics with preventive maintenance.

“We can now focus on being proactive with PMs and not reactive. Collecting hours daily gives our mechanics better insight into the health of our machines and allows them to create more realistic schedules. This, partnered with accurate locations of equipment has allowed us to better plan services and cut down on travel time.”

The Results

Severino Knows More with better visibility of their equipment location and maintenance needs, Controls More with better communication and data sharing across teams and Makes More by optimizing time and making better decisions.

Recovered $40,000 Worth of Equipment

Equipment not previously inventoried upon implementing.

Saved $25,000/year in Rentals

With better utilization, Severino was able to saved $25,000/year in unnecessary rentals.

Advice from Severino Trucking

“Tenna is our communication hub to where everything is. I really see that as being critical… One click to get what you need. That key, central spot for answering the question ‘where are my assets?’ is what Tenna is our go-to for. On a lot of fronts, Tenna has been a growing company and it’s been very cool to work with them and see them grow.”

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