Customer Success

Gold Standard Customer Success

Because we’ve walked in your boots and have experienced painful customer support, we offer an unparalleled customer onboarding and implementation experience. Our Customer Success team is here for you from the beginning until always. Even after your asset tracking hardware is installed, your equipment management system is up and running and your end users know what to do, we continue to provide first class support. Ensuring your expectations are being met is our number one goal and that is why we assign a dedicated Customer Success representative to every account. We know we can’t be successful unless you are too.

Professional Services

Can’t get enough of our expertise? Tenna’s Professional Services offering provides our customers with extra time and resources outside of our initial onboarding and implementation process. Let our knowledgeable team of Customer Success Account Executives, Tenna Mechanics, and Tenna Gurus assist you in up leveling your operations and systems as you implement your Tenna equipment management solutions.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Consultation

Born in construction, our team understands a construction business’ daily operations. One of our experts along with your team will discuss, analyze, and recommend solutions for adjusting your standard operating procedures to incorporate Tenna into your workflows, which will result in gained efficiencies and better information.

Advanced Training

Based on our deep dive into your operations and how Tenna fits into your company’s SOPs, we provide customized training to all your end-users to achieve maximum adoption and optimal efficiencies.

Additional Implementation and Onboarding Support

Need more time and assistance? Utilize our expert team of mechanics and gurus for extra time on hardware installation, integrations, and/or other onboarding services beyond your original contract scope.


We provide training during your onboarding and implementation phase which includes:
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Tenna Mechanic Certification Training

Tenna trains and certifies your field service specialist to perform quality tracker installations as well as gain the knowledge to troubleshoot hardware during or after installation.

Role-Based End User Training – Basic

Tenna trains your staff on all fundamental features included in the TennaCORE platform (e.g., assets, maps, geofences, utilization, reports, etc.) and purchased premium products, depending on their unique positions and roles.

Role-Based End User Training – Advanced

Tenna trains your staff on premium product features (e.g., Maintenance, Safety & Compliance, etc.) according to their unique positions and roles as needed.

We've Got Your Back!

We understand the value of your time and we are dedicated to helping you succeed – we don’t leave you hanging. Our experts are hands-on and train your crew in-person at your location. Your team will be using Tenna to track your equipment before we leave.
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Phone Support

Sometimes you just need to talk with an expert. Call us with questions, suggestions, or if you need help with anything on Tenna. We are here to help you solve problems and find more insights.

Online Support

Quick online help is always available when using Tenna. Click on the help icon at the top of each screen to access step-by-step how-to content and videos which you can view at your own pace and/or to start a chat with an expert from Tenna.

"There was an excitement from Tenna to get us up and running and trained as quickly as possible so that we can start seeing the benefits of what we were paying for, [they] really showed a true interest in bringing value to our company."

Robert G., 

President, Ernest Guigli & Sons

Don't Take Our Word For It

Onboarding & Implementation

We know that if you put the time in, you will get the most out of the system. Read our Onboarding Whitepaper and remember you won’t be doing it alone.

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