Asset Trackers

Asset Trackers that Track Anything and Everything

Our complete range of asset trackers spans all your assets, from heavy equipment to vehicles to small tools, and lets you easily track and manage your total Equipment Management System on One Platform.

Select from our family of autonomous asset trackers like GPS fleet trackers devices to transmit telematic data automatically. Or choose our Bluetooth and QR code tracking tags that are ideal for smaller equipment, attachments, tools or materials. We have multiple asset trackers to support your mixed fleet needs and use cases.

How Tenna's Equipment Trackers Work

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) equipment tracking devices capture real time data and store it in your Tenna asset tracking system. They work automatically so your team can focus on the work in front of them.

GPS Equipment Trackers

GPS trackers use cellular data plans — like a mobile phone — to locate and track assets.

Bluetooth Asset Trackers

BLE asset trackers can be detected by smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth connection.

QR Code

Durable and affordable QR code labels and tags come in different sizes and materials. Simply scan the code with the Tenna equipment tracking app on a smartphone or tablet, and asset information quickly uploads to Tenna.
Equipment Tracker Devices UI on the Tenna software

A Complete Range of Equipment Tracking Devices to Match Your Mixed Fleet.

Guigli construction site with equipment being tracked with Tenna asset trackers

"Tenna is all-encompassing for all your equipment attachments, small tools. If you can imagine it, they can provide it."

Robert G.

President, Ernest Guigli & Sons

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Learn which hardware works best for each of your mixed assets.

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