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We have the One Platform you need to control your mixed asset fleet. Our complete range of asset trackers lets you easily manage everything in your mixed fleet and inventory.

Select from our family of autonomous asset trackers like GPS trackers and Fleet Trackers to transmit telematics data automatically without your crews or subs needing to do anything. Or, choose our Bluetooth and QR code tracking tags that are ideal for smaller equipment, attachments, tools or materials.

Excavators on Construction Site which are a part of the Construction Market
Equipment Tracking & Asset Solutions for Construction

How Tenna’s Trackers Work

Mix and match which tracker is best for each item you need to manage and know everything about all your assets, because they all link to One Platform to track your entire mix of equipment and assets.

The complete range of Tenna tracking device options spans all your assets from large equipment or vehicles to small tools.

We utilize GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR technologies coupled with our unified platform to deliver actionable data.

Construction Site with Tracking Solution on Excavator
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Our Internet of Things (IoT) asset trackers capture real time data and store it in your Tenna asset tracking system. They work automatically so your crew can focus on the work in front of them.

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Our GPS trackers use cellular data plans — similar to a cellphone — to locate and track assets.

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Our Bluetooth asset tags can be detected by smartphone or tablet or other Bluetooth connection.

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Our durable and affordable QR code labels and tags come in different sizes. Simply scan the tags with the Tenna equipment tracking app on a smartphone or tablet, and asset information quickly uploads to Tenna.

One technology does not fit all

Learn which hardware works best to track your mixed assets for your unique needs.

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Tenna Hardware (Product Download)

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