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Tenna’s equipment management software solution built for construction provides extensive features for managing all aspects of your business related to your mixed fleet with an intuitive interface that anyone can use. The robust base of our platform, TennaCORE can be combined with additional Tenna Products to suit your company’s unique equipment management needs and priorities. Coupled with our variety of asset tracking devices and technologies and mobile app, you have everything you need on One Platform.

Equipment management software features and functionalities include:

  • All asset types – heavy equipment to construction consumables
  • Comprehensive performance detail, history, financial information, status, etc.
  • PTO (Power Take Off)
  • ECU mileage report – provides even more accurate hours and mileage information
  • Master Map – view all assets, sites and geofences in one master map
  • Live view – view live location and movement of vehicles and equipment when running
  • Trip finder – find previous trips based on a location and time frame
  • Define and manage projects and other locations
  • Geofences – Know when assets enter & exit boundaries, zones or other fences
  • Asset – understand how your assets are utilized individually and company wide
  • Project – understand how your assets are utilized on specific projects
  • Dashboards – quick visual overview of key information with the ability to drill down into the details
  • Reporting – a selection of insightful standard reports as well as customizable reports
  • Answers – immediate answers to the top questions regarding your mixed fleet of assets
  • Everything you need at your fingertips while in the field or away from your desk
  • Available for Android and iOS devices

Tenna Premium Products

Tenna offers the following Products as individual add-on modules to enable you to customize your equipment management software to fit your unique business needs.
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  • Enables different business systems to share data, communicate with each other and work together to streamline your business processes
    • ERP / Accounting systems
    • Project Management and other operational business systems
    • OEM
  • Preventative Maintenance – review upcoming maintenance requests created from pre-configured preventative maintenance triggers
  • Work Orders – requests and custom schedule to help manage fleet maintenance
  • Fault Codes – issues identified by the equipment inform the shop of necessary repairs
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) – issues identified by the vehicle’s ECU inform the shop of necessary repairs
  • Requests
    • Submit requests from the field for maintenance or service attention and add to work orders
    • Plan out and reserve your upcoming resource needs
    • Review availability and request assets from the shop or nearby sites
  • Dispatch
    • Coordinate moves between sites and streamline logistics
    • Labor & Crews
    • See and set driver schedules to create dispatch events
  • Driver Scorecard
  • TennaCAM 2.0
  • Inspections
    • Asset Inspections – manage which assets require inspections and their frequency
    • Missed Inspections – see which assets are being operated without their required inspections
    • DVIR inspections via Tenna app
    • Custom Inspections
  • IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) Reporting
  • ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Reporting
  • All scheduled asset activity in a single calendar view
  • Requests, Maintenance Work Orders, Dispatch Labor Resources and more as applicable
  • Control access to assets through Organization Chart assignment of assets and users
  • Grant users access to assets outside of their reporting hierarchy while limiting access to other subsidiaries, divisions, and departments
  • Quickly and easily manage access for organization chart directories and individual users

Functionality Across All Products and Features

  • Equipment Management System on One Platform to Manage your Mixed Fleet of Assets
  • Variety of Asset Trackers to match Your Mixed Fleet of Assets
    • Hardware Ownership (financing available)
  • Org Chart to Structure your System to Mirror your Company’s Management Structure
    • Customizable Subsidiaries, Divisions and Departments for the ability to build your unique org chart into Tenna to organize your equipment management system across the levels you operate your business within regularly.
  • Custom Permissions
    • Custom permissions by title, organization branch and individual users to control access levels to fit your unique company needs
  • Advanced Data Security – provides options for an additional level of privacy and segregation of assets within complex, multi-divisional org charts
    • Data Access Controls
    • Asset Privacy Levels
  • Notifications to ensure the right people are in the know
  • Theft Prevention to help deter theft and assist in recovery and retrieval
  • Unlimited Users so you and your team get the most out of the systems

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