Construction Software Integrations

SaaS (Software as a Service) Integrations

Tenna has partnered with construction software systems* so your business management ecosystem is complete. This helps to keep your workforce – in the field and in the office – efficient and productive.

*Some refer to these types of systems as SaaS, or Software as a Service.

Graphic showing Tenna's ability to have Project Operations Integrations

ERP Integration Options at Work

Tenna works closely with your team to customize your accounting and/or ERP system integration to ensure the specifications of your project are comprehensive, implementation is successfully completed and data flow is mapping accurately.

A few of our integration partners include:

Quote mark of the Tenna App being used in the field

[Tenna’s integration] with Procore, which is the backbone of our business intelligence initiatives, will open up significant opportunities to improve fleet efficiencies and blend metrics across one company-wide platform.

Luke K.

Maintenance Manager, Faber Construction

Integrations Product Overview

Tenna integrations one pager mockup

Procore Integration Product Overview

Tenna and Procore Integration One Pager Mockup

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