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The Rundown on Ferreira Power West

Ferreira Power West (FPW) is an electrical and civil contractor operating in California with expertise in transmission, distribution, substations, foundations and storm response. Their mixed fleet includes heavy and light duty trucks, specialty equipment, trailers and more.

The Challenge

FPW sought to improve visibility and communication within the organization after nearly tripling the size of their fleet.​

Before partnering with Tenna, FPW utilized excel, email and phone calls to manage their expanding fleet. With equipment throughout California, this quickly became a logistical issue. FPW needed to be able to track and transfer their assets more simply and efficiently while increasing organizational visibility.​

Additionally, FPW desired a platform that would not only track their assets but would aid in properly maintaining the equipment.

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Robert C., Asset Manager, had to say about Tenna:

Increased Driver Safety

Tenna enhanced FPW’s visibility of their drivers on the road by implementing speed alerts on Driver’s Scorecard. These alerts decrease the chance of injury to the driver and damage to the asset.​

Better Communication

Tenna increased visibility and simplified communication for FPW.

“The pain points we had were tracking our equipment, finding who had it, and whether it was being used.”

Accurate Utilization

FPW also gained more accurate utilization information than ever before.

“The office has taken to it very well because they can see utilization. If they’re paying for two trucks when they only need one, they can release one and that’s a huge benefit for the operations side.”

Recovering a Stolen Truck

After a theft incident, FPW was able to recover a $50,000 truck that had been stolen and involved in several incidents. In addition to the value of the truck, they also saved “… an unknown about of money for insurance, claims, damages and medical bills. Not to mention anything else that could have happened after because we recovered it so quickly.”

Improved Maintenance

FPW has benefitted from improved maintenance with Tenna.

“We use the maintenance feature by setting up our reminders and upcoming inspections…Having access to track all of our maintenance is very beneficial.”

By avoiding unnecessary breakdowns, FPW has reduced downtime and employee complaints.​

The Results

Ferreira Power West Knows More with better visibility, Controls More with improved internal communications, and Makes More by efficiently utilizing and maintaining their assets.​

Theft Prevention

Saved over $50,000 by recovering a stolen asset.​

More Revenue

Gained more revenue by more accurately billing customers based on utilization​.

Accurate Utilization

Estimated bids more accurately with more accurate utilization rates​.

Streamlined Maintenance

Prevented unnecessary breakdowns by implementing preventative maintenance alerts.​

Advice from Ferreira Power West

“A lot of the things specific to construction you won’t find in other platforms. They tend to focus more on speed reports as well as location. They don’t branch into the actual need that can benefit contractors.”

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