Integrated Construction Software Solutions

Linking All Your Construction Technology on One Platform

With over a century of firsthand experience in construction, we’ve learned that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to have one construction technology solution to manage all the core functions of a construction organization. Providing the best system for each department or role and integrating those standalone systems is key.

Tenna, as an integrated construction equipment management solution, is an integral part of your business’s technology ecosystem.

How Integrated Construction Software Works

Integrations allow different business systems to share data, communicate with each other and work together, to help streamline your business processes.

Software integrations for construction can:

  • Share data for full visibility and business intelligence
  • Be built to sync automatically or based on defined triggers
  • Feed specific processes and/or workflows
  • Allow you to perform an action in one system from within another
  • Retrieve information from various sources through APIs

Tenna strives to align your business objectives with your company’s IT ecosystem and offers professional services to assist contractors with integrating Tenna into your other business systems. This includes both software and process workflow definitions during the implementation of an integration.

Tenna Heavy Civil Construction Software Integrations graphic

We create a project plan based on your business’ unique requirements to ensure data is flowing between your applications accurately and within a predefined set of rules so you can quickly take advantage of efficiencies and process improvements as a result of your integration.

Tenna verifies and validates your data integration from a technical point of view as well as from the standpoint of your business usage. We help your business organize your data across disparate data sources and databases for improved information consistency and quality, whether you are integrating an equipment OEM or a complex ERP. Regardless of the integration type, each Tenna integration has a corresponding onboarding plan along with a predefined field maps with clear paths for data syncing.

Integrate Tenna Data into Systems and Applications with Open API

There are multiple ways to leverage Tenna data to improve business decisions. For contractors who want to extract data from Tenna and process it within their own systems, Tenna offers an open application programming interface (API). Data is available in a Tenna-specific format that supports a wide variety of construction use cases, so you can feed everything from time card to fuel entry data into your own tech ecosystem.

Benefits of Integrated Construction Software

Seamless software integrations for construction provide many benefits; here are just a few:

Increases Visibility

  • Elimination of gaps in information
  • Elimination of chasing down information

Increases Efficiency & Accuracy

  • Reduction of duplicate data entry
  • Reduction of rework
  • Reduction of manual entry errors

Optimizes for Profitability

  • Improved decision making as a result of gained efficiencies

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