Rental Works

Customer Story

Servicing south-central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland since 2016, Rental Works is a construction equipment rental company that provides local construction companies with quality equipment and machines in a timely manner.

Closeup of a piece of heavy construction equipment on the Rental Works construction yard

Tenna makes our billing process much more efficient, saving us lots of time and questions, because we can see what is actually happening with our equipment. It has allowed for more and better communication amongst those who are managing our assets.

Abigail Cornett, Power User, Rental Works

Business Need

Without an official way to manage their assets, Rental Works managed their equipment using handwritten notes and manual job site scheduling.

“One major roadblock we hoped to solve was knowing in real time where our equipment is at all times, in turn helping us to better and more accurately bill our customers in a more efficient and timely manner.”

Selection of heavy equipment from the Rental Works equipment yard

How Tenna Helped

After teaming with Tenna, the Rental Works crews and mechanics were able to begin using the system in the field to help the team find their assets, know where they have been for billing purposes, streamline maintenance and also facilitate better communication between different people moving and handling equipment between jobsites every single day.

“I very much appreciate the relationships we have created with the Tenna staff that we have worked with. I feel comfortable contacting them when we have questions, and I truly feel like they are not just selling a product, but want to help their customers grow better, more efficient businesses…We spoke to many different companies about trackers before choosing Tenna, and Tenna just seemed like the right fit.”


Rental Works Knows More with better visibility of their equipment location and maintenance needs, Controls More with an easy-to-use system adopted by their field and administration teams and Makes More by optimizing the condition of their fleet and capitalizing on renting out their owned assets.

“It’s really neat to think about the potential of this platform and how it provides us a lot of room for growth, evaluation and reporting as a company… I am confident that once we are using the platform in its entirety, we will probably wonder how we ever functioned without it.”

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