Rental Works

Customer Story

Servicing south-central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland since 2016, Rental Works is a construction equipment rental company that provides local construction companies with quality equipment and machines in a timely manner.

..I love being able to set intervals for preventative maintenance, which greatly helps our mechanics take care of services for our equipment so we can keep it in good running condition and not let it get too much wear and tear.

Keith D. Smith equipment with a TennaMINI Plugin tracker

Business Need

Without an official way to manage their assets, Rental Works managed their equipment using handwritten notes and manual job site scheduling.

How Tenna Helped

After teaming with Tenna, the Rental Works crews and mechanics began using the system in the field to help the team find their assets, know where they have been for billing purposes, and streamline maintenance.

Its doing a lot of our previous duties for us.

Tenna strengthens overall operational visibility within Rental Works.

The value that the Tenna platform has given us is just overall more visibility…at any point in time we can look and see where equipment is and there’s really no question. We know where it’s at. We know who we need to call to get things from one site to another or back to our home base here at our shop.

I love the Driver Scorecard feature. It allows us to see points of improvement and where we can make progress and things that our guys are doing well when they’re behind the wheel.

Reports leads to more accurate revenue figures.

From a Reports standpoint...there’s no question that we are more efficiently, more accurately, more quickly billing our customers and getting the actual revenue that we should be getting and not...shorting ourselves. So, that’s been fantastic.

Abby walking around the Rental Works yard checking out the equipment tracking


Rental Works Knows More with better visibility of their equipment location and maintenance needs, Controls More with an easy-to-use system adopted by their field and administration teams and Makes More by optimizing the condition of their fleet and more accurately billing customers.

If you're a construction company and thinking about implementing an equipment management system, I would say don't even think twice. Just do it and consider Tenna your first option.

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