Mechanic Time Cards

Accurately capture labor hours in the field.

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Improve Efficiency with Mechanic Time Cards

Mechanic time cards are digital records used to track hours worked by an employee during a specific period. The time card solution for mechanics allows mechanics to easily capture their time against sites, assets, work orders, and maintenance requests.

With Tenna’s mechanic time card solution, labor is accurately recorded and managed. Mechanic Time Cards improve efficiency, track employee productivity, and streamline payroll processes.

How Mechanic Time Cards Work

  • Add time entries for specific tasks using our desktop or mobile app
  • Entries automatically get assigned to the user’s time card
  • Optional tiered approval process for time cards
  • Create time cards for your entire crew at the same time
  • Cost code time entries against assets, sites, work orders or maintenance requests
  • Create custom time types and class codes for your company
  • Set class codes to identify classes of work such as preventative maintenance, engine rebuilds, bodywork, etc.
  • Set labor cost rates for each class code
  • Set billing rates and assign them to time entries
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Cost Codes Enhance Your Tenna Solution

Cost Codes provide a comprehensive understanding of project finances, make informed decision-making easier, and help companies achieve increased profitability and efficiency.


  • Improve cost tracking and transparency
  • Analyze costs across asset categories, preventative maintenance services, work orders, mechanics, and more

Benefits of Mechanic Time Cards

  • Control costs by understanding the time and labor associated with frequent tasks.
  • Ensure proper reimbursement with accurate billing to customers.
  • Gain insights into mechanic productivity and identify areas for improvement in project workflow.
  • Break down project costs by mechanic and task, allowing for better budgeting and resource allocation.
  • Track time spent on specific tasks and equipment to identify and address inefficiencies.
  • Monitor how much time mechanics spend on specific equipment, indicating potential maintenance needs.

Mechanic Time Cards Product Overview

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