Construction Equipment Management Use Cases We Solve

Tenna was built on over 100 years of experience and deep roots in the construction industry.  We really do understand the pain points and ins and outs of a construction business.  Because of this, we designed a construction technology product focused solely on solving typical construction use cases we know all too well and deliver these solutions to contractors on one system.

Excavator on Construction Site which can have many Use Cases
Equipment Tracking used on Excavator and Dump Truck on Construction Site

You need to stay connected to your mixed fleet on a single system with insights about your operations that are actionable, and construction focused. We let you track and manage everything from your heavy equipment to trucks and fleet vehicles, to mid-sized equipment, small tools and inventory on One Platform so your data is consolidated for total visibility and tailored to what you need to know as a contractor.

You need to be able to manage your mixed fleet in one place. We let you see where your equipment is spread out across your operations, know and control your equipment utilization and improve coordination, logistics and maintenance so you can effectively organize, deploy and manage your fleet.

Tenna Platform showing Map of Assets for Easy Equipment Management
Heavy Equipment Asset Tracking Visibility

You need to know where your assets are across your projects and on the map from wherever you are. We let you stay connected to your mixed fleet on our web-based platform and mobile app with location insights from automated trackers and inventory and consumable tracking with QR technology.

You need to know your equipment utilization for your machines and across your jobsites. We understand the importance of these metrics and solve for this use case using advanced hardware that pulls telematics data from your assets’ engines to help you understand your utilization over time.

Road Roller Onsite with Screenshot of Asset and Project Utilization
Worker on the Field checking Construction Maintenance Software, Heavy Equipment Software, and Heavy Equipment Preventative Maintenance

You need to stay on the ball and keep your equipment maintenance organized in a cost-effective way so you can service your machines when needed while avoiding impacts to your projects. We solve for this use case with an automated, streamlined and highly visual preventive maintenance and work order system.

You need to know how much it’s costing you to own and operate your equipment. We solve for this use case by delivering data about your operations and costs so you can find ways to eliminate waste and reduce the total amount of capital you spend on your costly assets and improve your ROI.

Construction Site with Images of Equipment Management on Tenna's Platform
Graphic with Geofence Alert to help with Equipment Theft Prevention

You need to reduce internal or external theft on your jobsites. We solve for this use case with technology that allows for total visibility to combats theft and loss, giving you the confidence that your equipment and tools are always accounted for and can be recovered.

You need a way to juggle where your assets should be and need to go. We solve for this use case with a reservation tool that allows jobsites to talk to each other for equipment needs and reveal hoarding so resources can be shared efficiently and get scheduled for maintenance during known downtime.

Construction Vehicle Onsite that can have Requests and Reservations
Graphic showing how Integrations work with the Tenna Platform

You need a way to get your many business systems to talk to each other. We solve for this use case by allowing you to share data to or from third party software systems your business is already using to improve communications between teams, reduce manual rework and leverage all of your data for informed decision making.

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