Equipment Management System on One Platform

Integrated Construction Software on One Platform

A single platform to track and manage your entire mixed fleet that also integrates with your other business systems. No more managing multiple systems or data sources. Tenna’s asset tracking hardware feeds data to our equipment management system, giving you actionable information to make better business decisions. From day-to-day operations to long term planning, accurate information is key and having everything tied together on one integrated construction software platform for equipment management is golden.

Our Construction Management Solutions

How it Works

Our telematics system gets data from GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR technologies and synthesizes it on our one integrated construction software platform to give you the information you need.

A dot on a map will show you the location of your stuff but it won’t tell you anything else. Our asset management software will tell you if it is in use, when it is scheduled for another job, what maintenance is required on it, where it has been and a whole lot more. With this information, you will have utilization data that enables you to make better decisions.

Why it Matters

One Platform means uninterrupted visibility across everything you own. No more managing multiple systems or data sources. Tenna will be your single source of truth for managing everything from heavy iron to fleet vehicles and trucks, down to mid-sized equipment, attachments, small tools and consumables.

We take you beyond tracking and have built a comprehensive fleet management system with features that are designed for the construction industry. Utilization, tracker management, reporting, asset details and more provide you with the knowledge you need to get back control and make more.

Heavy Equipment Tracking and GPS Tracking for Bulldozer on Tenna Platform
GPS Tracking Construction Equipment like Telehandler on Tenna Platform
Pickup Truck Tracking Profile on Tenna Platform

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Field data helps you Know More

  • The field is where your heavy equipment and mixed asset fleet are hard at work.
  • Asset trackers gather various data points from each of your assets.
  • Equipment related workflows – from asset requests and site transfers to equipment maintenance and repair requests and safety monitoring and compliance – can be initiated, seen, and managed from anywhere, at any time.


Connectivity and visibility help you Control More

  • Data from your physical assets is integrated onto Tenna’s One Platform giving you a single source of truth for your mixed fleet.
  • Planning and management across projects, offices, processes and the folks who are responsible is required to ensure everyone’s success.
  • Increase automation and efficiency with our equipment management system while achieving visibility across your organization.


Insight helps you Make More

  • Go from reactive to proactive with real-time, actionable information with our integrated construction software platform.
  • Make better decisions faster while extending the value of technology investments already made.
  • Value is realized on multiple fronts, which translates to increased revenue and higher ROI from your assets.
Bloom Roofing using the Tenna system for maintenance requests

"The visibility that Tenna gives us to manage our mixed fleet is second to none."

Diana M.

Safety Manager, Bloom Roofing

One Platform Product Overview

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