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The Rundown on Williams

Williams, operating out of Montana, is comprised of three different companies: Williams Civil Construction, Williams Plumbing and Heating and Harvey’s Plumbing and Heating. Williams owns and maintains a fleet of nearly 1,700 heavy civil and specialty construction assets including excavators, loaders, skid steers, sweepers, forklifts, heavy trucks and vehicles, trailers, attachments and expensive specialty tools.

The Challenge

Williams sought to manage their heavy equipment attachments and small tools which were difficult to track across the state manually on whiteboards and Excel sheets.

Before partnering with Tenna, Williams tried multiple asset tracking software programs that failed to meet their needs. The biggest pain point Williams aimed to alleviate was the lack of visibility within the company.

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Alex L., Warehouse Purchasing Manager, and Todd N., Fleet Manager, had to say about Tenna:

Financial Visibility

“The value that Tenna’s brought to us is the quantitative data that we can see where our money is being sent.”

Streamlined Communication

“One of the main things that Tenna has helped with [in] internal communications for the vehicle side is the OBD-II trackers in the vehicles. We’ve set up geofences around certain jobsites and superintendents don’t have to keep track of their guys as much.”

Solving for Pain Points

Tenna’s all-in-one platform increased visibility and accountability at Williams.

“The biggest pain point that Tenna solved for us was definitely…visibility within our company. The ultimate goal of implementing Tenna was to create a better culture of accountability and being able to see who tools are checked out to, where vehicles are located, essentially where the value in our company is being sent through reports [and that’s] where Tenna came through for us.”

Avoid Unnecessary Purchases

Williams uses Tenna to better document tools and avoid unnecessary purchases.

“We’ve installed Bluetooth Beacons on all of our more expensive small tools… before Tenna we were probably buying one of these tools every month. But what Tenna’s allowed us to do is…be able to document how many we have, where they’re being used…”

The Results

Williams Knows More with better visibility, Controls More with improved internal communications, and Makes More by increasing productivity and saving on system cost and repurchases.

Tenna vs. "The Other Guys"

Saved $1,000/month by switching to Tenna to track their entire fleet on a single platform.

Cost Savings

Prevented loss and unnecessary tool and part repurchases with accurate equipment documentation and tracking.

Advice from Williams

“One of the major reasons for…going with Tenna was the price point. We are tracking multiple things across three companies at a lower price than the previous company…where we were only tracking vehicles and trailers…everything we have is…almost a thousand dollars a month less than when I was using the other guys with just vehicles and trailers. It’s a huge difference.”

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