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Construction Asset Tracking Hardware

Watch videos of our asset tracking hardware in action! Ranging from GPS, cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and QR technologies we show a complete range of tracking devices to match your mixed fleet needs.

Coupled with our unified asset management software, our asset tracking hardware delivers actionable data transmitting telematics for all your construction equipment no matter how big or small.

Tenna Customer Testimonials

Don’t take it from us, hear what our valued customers are saying about Tenna’s asset tracking and management solutions.

Construction Asset Tracking & Equipment Management

Asset tracking is a key part of the overall asset management process. If you own and work with construction assets, you know there is a lot more you need to know about them than just where they are. 

In these videos we show you Tenna asset trackers and construction technology can tell you the who, what, when, where and why of asset tracking and management. 

Asset Tracking Use Cases

Tenna’s asset tracking solutions can manage everything from heavy iron to fleet, down to mid-sized equipment, small tools and everything in-between. Watch use case videos to learn more about tracking specific types of equipment with GPS trackers, cellular trackers, fleet trackers, BLE Beacons or QR code tags.

Construction Asset Tracking Hardware Durability

Construction asset trackers must be as rugged as the construction equipment they are tracking. That is why hardware durability is a must. 

While there are a lot of claims on the market regarding the ruggedness of a tracker, they may not truly be rugged enough to withstand the harsh environmental conditions these trackers are subjected to on job sites during each season. Watch these videos to know what to look for.

Integrated Construction Software Solutions

With over a century of firsthand experience in construction, we’ve learned that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to have one construction technology solution to manage all the core functions of a construction organization. Providing the best system for each department or role and integrating those standalone systems is key.

Tenna, as an integrated construction equipment management solution, is an integral part of your business’ technology ecosystem.

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