LEM Construction

Customer Story

LEM Construction is a general contractor in Houston, Texas, in business for over 50 years.

Business Need

LEM Construction needed an equipment management solution to replace their frustrating and unscalable process of tracking manually. After a poor experience with a previous tracking provider, LEM was hesitant to invest in another equipment management software. They also sought to integrate their equipment management data with their accounting system, Sage, for more accurate accounting and financials.

How Tenna Helped

After partnering with Tenna and rolling out the system to their superintendents and mechanics in the field and shop, LEM leveraged Tenna to improve their equipment moves, utilization, maintenance and overall financials.

There's so many different aspects that have changed for us since we started using Tenna and I can't imagine going back to the old way. Tenna has been the best thing for us.

We were able to integrate the data points into our Sage software system. We had some specific things that we needed to ask and answer and so we worked with our accounting team and with Tenna. Collectively we came up with what our company needed, what was financially important to us, what information we needed from Tenna and they were able to fulfill those requirements. Since we were able to integrate into Sage, Tenna gives our financial people update current information to allow us to make better decisions on when we need to purchase new equipment when we need to rent equipment.

We can be much more accurate with our financials than we’ve ever been before. And that’s true. Knowing where equipment is all the times and the financials being accurate; just those two things have been a game changer for us. Not to mention the maintenance.

Field Tech at LEM Construction using the maintenance feature on the Tenna App

[Maintenance] helps me know when the assets’ preventative maintenance is coming up, which asset are already there, and how to prioritize getting stuff done throughout the day in the week.

We’re able to look at fuel usage and fuel consumption. Very handy for us to know because in the past we didn’t know and now Tenna provides us this information.

[Tenna] tells me if a driver is idling at a location. This is important because time is money and when we have people that are not going to the location in a timely manner, it may cost a lot of money.

LEM Construction using Tenna in the field


LEM Construction Knows More with fleet visibility and notifications, Controls More with utilization and automated preventive maintenance reminders and Makes More against their bottom line by reducing their equipment costs and integrating their equipment cost information with Sage, their ERP.

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