ELD Compliance Made Easy

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solution

With our mission of providing a total fleet solution to contractors, Tenna supports you in the process of maintaining hours of service (HOS) and ELD compliance while improving on-road safety with our integrated Electronic Logging Device solutions.

By keeping track of hours of service, mileage and how long your drivers are driving overall and between breaks, you’ll have the automated data you need to easily keep accurate records and maintain HOS and ELD compliance as required for your operations.

By logging trip data for your drivers for accurate, automated record keeping, Tenna triggers notices when rests are needed on the road so you can rest assured in the office that your drivers do not become overtired or fall asleep at the wheel. This automation improves the process of manually collecting and analyzing how many miles your trucks or vehicles drove, reduces paperwork and minimizes the risk of errors and non-compliance while increasing driver safety overall.

How ELD Works

Part of Tenna’s Safety & Compliance package, Tenna’s ELD hardware records trip data and connects via Bluetooth to a compatible mobile device of your choice running an integrated ELD app. This trip data produces records of duty service (RODS), so the integrated mobile app alerts the driver when breaks are needed to help them track their driving limits and prevent fatigue-related issues.

Automatically record driving time and details that pair engine data with a driver, including date, time, location, hours/miles, driver identification, user authentication, vehicle and motor carrier. Display reports for safety officials on-demand.

Maintain HOS compliance and support for audits by recording HOS data via RODS reports with data from an ELD. Review RODS and a driving dashboard in an integrated HOS portal. Keep track of logs and assess violations to ensure compliance.
Identify assets that require ELD/HOS compliance and monitor the HOS requirements in an integrated system accessible directly through Tenna.
Tenna's ELD Solution using Gorilla

Benefits of Tenna’s ELD Compliance Solution

Supporting compliance with Tenna’s ELD functionality brings the following benefits to your processes and operations:

Increased Compliance and Safety

  • Improve driver safety
  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Increase HOS Compliance with automated driver RODS

Better Business

  • Reduced risk of misreporting or non-compliance
  • Improved time and cost savings of drivers and office administration
  • Improve data communication, sharing and analysis
  • Increase efficiencies with automation and improve record keeping and documentation

Control More

  • Leverage telematics data from your trucks and vehicles with Tenna’s Fleet tracker (approved and certified to be used as an ELD device) to automatically capture HOS and Records of Duty Status (RODS) for compliance while reducing manual entry, human error and paperwork.

ELD Product Overview

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