Construction Asset Management & Tracking

Increase Your Visibility with Asset Trackers

Tenna’s construction asset management solution lets you manage and track all your owned and rental assets – from heavy equipment tracking to handheld tools – so you see the big picture, improve communication, strengthen your operations and grow your bottom line. With a variety of automated asset trackers, a simple mobile app, and an intuitive web interface you can use from anywhere, life just got easier. Whether it’s Equipment Management and/or Fleet Management, consumables or other, you can manage it all with Tenna.

Construction Asset Management Software

Our construction asset management software is designed to make asset tracking as simple and painless as possible. Use our asset trackers to automate readings, the mobile app to make updates in the field, and our web interface to view everything together on One Platform.

Information on all asset types is stored in your Asset List and can be classified and categorized to suit your business. Step away from your desk and maintain productivity by viewing and managing these assets individually or collectively from anywhere at any time on any device.


We offer a variety of autonomous gps asset trackers that attach or plug in to tools, equipment and vehicles. In addition, you can simply use the Tenna App to scan assets with QR code asset tags for easy updates and hands-on control.

Features and Functionality

Asset Management

  • Monitor owned vs. rental assets
  • Know when assets are being under or over-utilized
  • Associate related assets into groups
  • Manage quantities of construction materials and inventory
  • Maps and Asset Tracking
  • Find asset locations on a map
  • Know when assets are running with real-time data
  • Easily add assets automatically one by one or in bulk
  • Update on the go and access asset details from anywhere
  • Automate asset transfers, schedule assets across sites and monitor assignees.
  • All scheduled asset activity in a single calendar view
  • Requests, Maintenance Work Orders, Dispatch, Labor Resources and more as applicable



Tenna System and Mobile App showing the Asset List

Resource Management

  • Realtime, comprehensive and flexible resource management of Equipment, Labor and Crews, Trucking and Materials!
  • Construction Resource Management solution for equipment and labor resource requesting, planning, and dispatching that leverages real-time location, telematics alerts, maintenance needs and other operation insights of assets.


Requests on the Construction Resource Management Feature on Tenna


  • Integrate with OEMs to track all your assets on One Platform


Tenna and OEM Integrations UI Connecting


  • Create work orders and view maintenance details and status.
  • Know what assets need maintenance or inspections.
  • Fault Codes help the shop to understand issues with the machine via the equipment GPS tracking device.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) help the shop to understand the root cause of the issue provided by the vehicle’s electronic control unit (ECU) via the fleet GPS tracking device.


Tenna System showing the Maintenance Feature


  • Configure alerts based on asset events and geofence boundaries.
  • All users receive alerts for high importance events and messages on a permission basis for routine or non-critical event communications.
  • Notifications are accessible to users based on their permissions.


Tenna System showing the Notifications Feature

Partners & Integrations

Asset Tracking Solution Benefits

Using Tenna’s mixed fleet management and asset tracking features brings the following benefits to your processes, operations and organization:

Increased Efficiencies and Productivity

  • Save Time – Stop wasting time trying to locate and allocate assets with increased visibility and transparency
  • Improve communication between the office, field and shop
  • Share information to keep your office, shop and field teams connected
  • Increase project productivity with fewer resource.
  • Improve schedule efficiencies in the shop and in the field
  • Increase asset uptime and lifespan
  • Improve asset performance and equipment utilization
  • Reduced wasteful behavior

Better Business

  • Reduce Costs – Avoid asset losses and save with proactive equipment maintenance.
  • Increase ROI on owned assets
  • Improved decision making
  • Increased credit ratings
  • Improve record keeping and documentation
LEM Construction mechanic using the Tenna Maintenance feature in the shop

"There’s so many different aspects that have changed for us since we started using Tenna and I can’t imagine going back to the old ways. Tenna has been the best thing for us."

Mike H.

Equipment Manager, LEM Construction

Asset Tracking and Management

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