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Forget Lost Stuff. Focus on New Projects.
We find that as much as 20 percent of a company’s asset inventory can be unaccounted for. That’s too many assets left unproductive and unprofitable.

Imagine how much more efficient your business could be without the cumbersome task of chasing down inventory in the field and in records stored across multiple systems. What if you could do more with an asset tracking system to know your assets’ history and location and the condition of your entire inventory — on a single platform?

That’s what Tenna can do for you — all in one solution.

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We are a cloud-based solution that manages all asset classes on one easy to use software. With a variety of trackers to manage your assets from small tools to heavy equipment with ease. One platform, many solutions.

Every day should be a fresh start for your business – but missing or unused assets can really slow you down. What if you had an intelligent physical asset management partner? You could discover new opportunities to use your power tools, heavy equipment, spare parts and other assets of all sizes.

Easy to Use

  • Upload your asset inventory list to Tenna’s asset management program
  • Attach our asset tags, GPS asset trackers, BLE beacons or QR code inventory tracking tags
  • Scan the tags to start your asset tracking

Fast and Mobile

  • Scan the asset tracker or automatically receive GPS asset tracker signals when using or moving any asset
  • Use your mobile devices and our asset management software to monitor and inventory equipment and material
  • Asset data is automatically saved to our asset tracking system

See All of Your Assets

  • View all your inventory in real time using just one asset tracking system
  • Identify all assets, even non-powered items
  • Eliminate errors and missing records

Understand Your Business

  • Keep control of asset availability with our asset inventory management software
  • Improve project accounting accuracy
  • Deter theft and improve site accountability

There Is a Better Way

Tenna software and integrated GPS asset tracking solutions track location, usage and service history, maintenance schedules and vital documentation of your:

  • Small assets and tools
  • Midsized assets
  • Heavy equipment
  • Fleets
  • Materials and supplies

Tenna then helps you uncover the hidden potential of all of your company’s assets and maximize availability to deliver enduring value.

Tenna Marketplace

Easily sell, rent or buy assets when and where you need, without paying auction fees or dealer markup.


Where Tenna Works



You rely on heavy equipment, attachments and materials being in the right place at the right time to complete projects on schedule. Misplaced, late or non-functioning items can delay work, impact income and damage your reputation. Tenna delivers a clear understanding of your entire inventory with asset software and GPS for construction equipment to show the location, history, hours/miles, maintenance records, cost/value, status and availability. Keep your projects on schedule with the asset inventory management program you need.


When you know where your fleet of trucks or landscaping equipment is, you can operate your business more efficiently and move into your next job with confidence. This means better service, happier customers, more work, and more profit. With asset management technology, you’ll be able to dispatch a complete set of assets for each project, and guarantee you utilize only the landscaping equipment and resources that you need, cutting out wasteful practices and unnecessary spending, and helping you operate cost-effectively.

Oil & Gas

When you deploy a rig, it needs to work at full capacity, 24/7. In harsh and often remote environments, your teams must have the right equipment and spare parts readily available. Whether you’re in the office or in the field, Tenna’s innovative asset inventory management tracking software, along with our GPS asset trackers, BLE trackers and QR code inventory tracking, give you and your teams total visibility. Know the location, maintenance records and real-time status of every key piece of machinery and every spare part.

Industrial Businesses

In industrial settings, you need real-time insights about your equipment’s activity and performance to keep your operation running smoothly. Whether its parts, tools, rigs or equipment, Tenna’s asset trackers are designed for tough environments and harsh conditions. Tenna’s inventory tracker devices can collect your asset information, and our asset management software makes it easy to find real-time insights on the productivity of each asset.

ROI Calculator

Our Asset Tracking and Management solution will find more profit.
By tracking all your asset types (fleet, equipment, tools and more) on Tenna’s One Platform, you maximize your ROI by eliminating expenses for multiple, disjointed systems.

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