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The Rundown on WPM Construction

WPM Construction is a fourth-generation, family-owned site work and utility contractor in central Texas. Founded in 1978 by a family that has been in the civil construction industry for 100 years, their history is connected to the construction of Cobo Hall, Chrysler Freeway, the Detroit/Canada underground tunnel, and Chrysler Headquarters, as well as many other monumental projects around the nation.

Construction Type

Civil Construction, Site Work and Utilities

Fleet Size

150 Pieces of Equipment

Types of Tenna Users

Field Superintendents, Mechanics, CFO

The Challenge

WPM Construction is a technology-forward company that has been using asset management telematics for over 15 years. The problem? Nothing was built specifically for construction.

“It’s mostly a generic, wide open GPS platform that does the same thing for all companies,” said Tre Leoni.

Wanting to move beyond one-size-fits-all GPS solutions, Leoni began looking at solutions that would allow him to manage everything from maintenance to finances, including loans, depreciation, and job costs. Another goal was finding a solution that could integrate with the company’s ERP solution to cut down on redundant work and have a single ecosystem for company operations.

Pain Points

  • Generic GPS solutions not built for construction
  • Managing everything from field ops to finances in a single ecosystem
  • Integrations with existing ERP solutions

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Tre Leoni had to say about Tenna:

Integration with Viewpoint Vista

“Tenna is the only platform we’ve been able to discover where our hours can flow back into our accounting software—which is Viewpoint Vista—and it will automatically allocate the hours to our jobs, which cuts down on a lot of manual entry.”

Easy Implementation

“The most important thing with our implementation was getting [GPS trackers installed] on every piece of equipment. I relied on Tenna to help implement that. With [Tenna’s] in-house mechanics, it makes it a lot more seamless for us so we don’t have to use mechanics who should be fixing equipment out in the field [doing installations].”

Financial Management

“Some of my favorite parts of the Tenna app are the financials where we can input our loan balances, our depreciation, our interest rate. Then we can monitor our hours usage with each grouped loan to see if our equipment is performing [in line] with what we’re paying monthly.”

Cutting Costs & Increasing Profits

“We had a field request for two excavators that this particular crew needed, and they were going to go out and rent them. We were able to log on to the platform and identify three or four underutilized excavators. So instead of renting, which would have been $25,000 a month, we’re able to just log on the platform and identify pieces that were being underutilized.”

Ability to Grow

“What stands out to me with Tenna the most is the ability to grow into it. We have prioritized the features that are most important to us first. But we’re aware of what features are out there to set goals for where we want to grow as a company. For example, we don’t have a small tools program right now. With Tenna, you can see that there’s a clear path to set up a small tools department.”

One Stop Shop

“The most unexpected part of Tenna is that it’s a one stop shop. If we have a GPS question, if we have a software question, if we have an installation question—all of our questions are centered with just Tenna. We are not having to call a third party for GPS. It is all in house, which is very unexpected.”


“Having construction software with a construction team behind it is important. For example, when demobilizing off a job, it ensures that we get all the equipment. Leaving things behind is basically eliminated with Tenna. Tenna’s probably hands down one of the best cloud platforms I’ve seen with construction-related GPS in mind.”

Customer Support Excellence

“The customer support experience has been excellent. The Knowledge Base has been very useful. If we don’t know an answer, we’ll research it on the Knowledge Base first. If we still can’t find the answer, we’ll [call] support.”

The Results

After implementing Tenna, WPM Construction is saving money, saving time, and finding ways to grow their business.

Rental Savings

The cost of Tenna is more than made up by eliminating unneeded rentals.

Financial Management

No other solutions specifically targets the cost of construction equipment.

Utilization Data

Complete visualization of equipment utilization and costs is vital.

Viewpoint Vista Integration

Simplify data flows and eliminate time-consuming manual processes.

Advice from WPM Construction

“If you’re a construction company, contemplating different platforms, I highly recommend Tenna because the ability to manage your maintenance, your back office, your financial data all in one platform doesn’t exist among any other platform I’ve seen. The software pays for itself.”

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