Are your communications effective?

One of the primary values Tenna provides is widespread communication throughout your organization on events and actions related to your assets and operations. This communication is in the form of alerts, messages and reports. Tenna’s notification feature is designed for contractor workflows and timetables and is enhanced with customization options specific to construction environments.

Receive timely notifications on events related to your equipment fleet, sites and teams. Ensure the right people are notified about the right concerns at the right times, and as soon as possible with Tenna’s notification feature.

Worker on Field Checking Phone for Notifications on Tenna Platform

Know More

Know when an asset is left behind, needs maintenance, or has a deadline coming due.

Receive the right information at the right time to reduce unnecessary rework.

Stay connected on events that occur in the field when you are not present

Control More

Take appropriate action when your assets are underutilized.

Control schedules and resources across operations by knowing where and when assets are needed.

Respond quickly to concerns to abate downstream delays and costs.

Make More

Stay ahead of the curve to minimize costly predicaments.

Stay on top of assets longer needed and make better buy/move/rent decisions.

Have more productive days with the help of notification reminders.

Equipment Onsite that can have Notifications about it

How It Works

Alerts and Messages


Modes and Methods



Staying connected to your assets with Tenna’s notification feature brings the following benefits to your processes, operations and organization:

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