Heavy Equipment Management

The Core of Construction Equipment Management

Your capital-intensive heavy equipment is at the core of your operations. Bulldozers, graders, cranes and loaders are critical to getting jobs completed. Heavy equipment tracking, utilization/hour monitoring, assignments and maintenance is essential for keeping your projects moving and your assets healthy.

We use cellular and GPS technology equipment tracking devices to capture all the data you need to know about your equipment, providing that information for you on our heavy equipment management system. Tenna’s equipment management system on One Platform gives you visibility across your entire mixed fleet.

How Heavy Equipment Tracking Works

You can attach our GPS tracking devices to equipment or heavy trucks or plug into the onboard diagnostic ports to automatically collect location updates, usage, hours, miles, maintenance data and other heavy equipment telematics insights in real-time giving you control over your equipment fleet from anywhere 24/7. Our Bluetooth tracking system collects location data when in range with equipment tracking app on your smart device.

Leveraging the equipment GPS tracker data, our geofence feature provides alerts when equipment enters or leaves a site. Also fed by tracker data, you can set up maintenance schedules and receive notifications when machinery needs maintenance.

Heavy Equipment Tracking Cycles Heat Map shown on the Tenna Platform
Keith D. Smith Concrete and Tenna Truck on a construction yard

"If you’re a construction company and thinking about implementing an equipment management system, I would say don’t even think twice. Just do it and consider Tenna your first option."

Abigail C.

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Equipment Management

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