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What Can Tenna Trackers Do For You?

  • Detecting idle time to understand when an asset is running (utilization) but actively in use.
  • Monitoring OEM or third-party Power Take Off (PTO) to improve billing and asset utilization understanding.
  • Combining fuel and idling metrics to understand where waste is happening in one simple view.
  • Reading standard fault codes for quicker understanding of machine issues and faster maintenance responses to avoid costly downtime.
  • Match videos to Driver Safety alerts for harsh braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration to coach or commend drivers as needed.
  • Detect when drivers are fatigued or distracted and give them in-cab voice alerts to pull their attention back to the road.
  • Exonerate drivers or expedite insurance claims when accidents happen by providing video evidence to insurance and law enforcement.
  • Improve asset management and ensure all equipment is being utilized optimally with fleet trackers that provide real-time visibility and monitoring of location, usage, and maintenance needs.
  • Reduce costs and improve bottom line by monitoring fuel consumption, identifying excessive idling and tracking maintenance schedules.
  • Add an extra layer of security to your fleet by enabling geofencing and real-time alerts that allow for immediate action to prevent theft or unauthorized activities.
  • Maximize the efficiency of equipment usage while reducing costs for improved asset utilization. Identify under-, over-utilized, or idle assets to make more informed decisions regarding asset allocation and resource planning.
  • Make regulatory compliance requirement reporting easy by maintaining accurate records, tracking usage metrics, and generating reporting that fulfill regulatory obligations.
  • Enhance asset visibility with real-time location and movement tracking of your valuable assets.
  • Providing flexibility in tracking assets that may not have a direct power source available. Effectively track your assets regardless of the asset’s location.
  • Ensure assets in transit are accounted for as they go between job sites or to different locations with continuous tracking and real-time location updates.
  • Ensure uninterrupted tracking and monitoring even during power failures to maintain 100% visibility of your assets no matter what.
  • Enable proximity-based tracking using Bluetooth technology to see precise location within a defined area by maintaining continuous communication between assets and trackers.
  • Improve overall operational efficiency by simplifying inventory management. Save time spent searching for specific items by easily identifying asset presence and location.
  • Consolidate asset tracking and management processes into a single system to improve asset utilization by integrating data into existing construction management systems.
  • Easily track various assets from small tools to consumable materials, parts and attachments with weather resistant labels that can stand up to harsh environments.
  • Quick scanning with the Tenna Mobile app enables field employees to inventory and report the locations of tools and materials efficiently.
  • Effective tracking of portable equipment and materials when they’re on the move to deter theft and maintain proper inventory management.

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