Construction Equipment Maintenance

Construction Equipment Maintenance Automated for Efficiently

When equipment breaks down and delays productivity it’s extremely frustrating for everyone – in the field and in the office. There is just no reason for it. Equipment maintenance is required to stay in a safe and working condition to support a construction business’ operations.

To solve for the critical need of efficient construction equipment maintenance routines, Tenna allows you to schedule preventive maintenance with customized thresholds, triggers and indicators around specific services relevant to your fleet and that fit into your business’ maintenance and operations routines. We help ensure your assets are kept in tip-top shape to extend their lifespan, reduce your owning and operating costs, and improve your overall equipment management.

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Equipment Maintenance Requests on Heavy Equipment Software, Construction Maintenance Software, Heavy Equipment Preventative Maintenance

How Construction Equipment Maintenance Software Works

Tenna’s construction equipment maintenance software and work order management tools make it easier for you to streamline preventive maintenance, reduce downtime and prolong your assets’ lifespans. Tenna optimizes work for mechanics and improves communication between the shop and the field to keep assets up and running and keep projects outfitted with the resources they need when they need them.

Preventive Equipment Maintenance

Specify services unique to your mixed asset types. Set customized recurrences based on time or usage and automated triggers when service is coming due for effective equipment maintenance tracking.

Service Requests and Maintenance Entries

Submit maintenance requests for repairs or service from the field. Track maintenance activity and progress. Log maintenance entries and maintain records of service at the asset level.

Work Orders

Create construction work orders to capture maintenance needs for each asset. Assign work orders to mechanics to optimize schedules and service routines. Monitor progress and status.


Set reminders for the right personnel to be notified when routine maintenance is coming due. Trigger notifications to mechanics and equipment division personnel when repairs are requested.

Mobile App

Submit maintenance needs from the field with voice memos, text notes and on-the-go submission capabilities for ease and efficiency. Check the status on work orders from the app to stay informed.


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