Construction Fleet Management Solutions

Total Construction Fleet Management Visibility

Do you struggle with seeing and managing your fleet vehicles as they are on the move between jobsites and offices? Tenna’s construction technology platform and GPS tracking system is designed to make your construction fleet management simple and allows you to fully manage your heavy trucks and vehicles wherever they are, from wherever you are.

With GPS for fleet vehicles and a full suite of advanced fleet solutions, we let you stay connected to your fleet so you can focus on the work you need to do that is key to your business.

Fleet Management for Dump Trucks and a Pickup Truck on a Construction Site
Laptop showing the Tenna Online Fleet Management Platform with the TennaFLEET, TennaCAM, and TennaQR tags in front

Organized Fleet Assets

A well-organized and easy-to-use asset database is at the root of an efficient construction fleet management system that can fully work for – and provide optimal value to – your business.

Search for asset information by project, group, location, category type and more and report out on asset or financial data when needed.

Screenshot of the Tenna Online Fleet Management Platform showing the user how to Filter Assets

How It Works


See what assets have been updated most recently and view analytics about fleet activity and status. See the total amount of rental vehicles versus owned, understand the value of your assets and know when assets are inactive or need attention.

Asset Detail

View asset location and history, utilization details, maintenance, financial information and more on One Platform with telematic data from GPS trackers.

Live Data

Know when your fleet vehicles are running and view real time live data for the location, speed and direction of your trucks and vehicles live, and who is driving them, as they are in motion with advanced map functionality on the web and in the app.

Safety Camera

Be notified of harsh driving events and review real-time video footage of on-road safety incidents triggered by pre-defined behaviors. Exonerate your drivers when they are not at-fault, reduce your insurance premiums, expedite claims and improve safety behaviors on an individual driver basis when reviewing footage connected to driver scorecards.

Driver Scorecards

Get updates on driver behaviors from your fleet tracker including speed, hard braking, sharp acceleration and idling. See violations at the street-view level for efficient driver performance tracking.


Review which trucks and vehicles are currently on which sites, which are on the move, where they have been across your operations, when they entered and exited site geofences and how long their trip duration was.

Trip Finder

Know when your assets were in a particular location at a particular time. Query dates and times in a general area on a map to see which trucks or vehicles were there or passed through a quarter mile radius of that point and review relevant trip data, route and details.

Tenna App

Monitor your fleet on your mobile device with Tenna’s fleet tracking app to always stay connected to your fleet vehicles in transit.


Bolster your safety & compliance program and comply with government regulations by incorporating a digital Driver Vehicle Inspection Report into your drivers’ and compliance officers’ routines. Tenna’s DVIR app is QR code based.


Aid your accounting team in calculating accurate fuel tax you are liable to report to the federal government based on your area of operations with automated reports of miles driven per jurisdiction, by fuel type or by vehicle based on your trips.

Fleet Utilization

Record and view data on truck and vehicle utilization by project site, and individually by asset. Ensure owned assets are being used, understand how and identify whether its most economical to rent, buy or lease in the future.

Fleet Maintenance

Schedule preventive fleet maintenance to stay on top of routine asset needs, submit maintenance requests for repairs from the field and create work orders to manage asset needs and corresponding asset and mechanic schedules.


Get updates on telematic data with event-based notifications around location, engine operations, performance, driver behavior and pre-defined on-road safety events.


With organized data, you can easily report out on your assets’ performance and get the data you need to see where you are doing well and where you can make financial or utilization improvements.


Leverage construction integrations with OEMs such as Volvo to manage all your heavy trucks on One Platform for total visibility and all-inclusive data for informed operational decision making. Share your comprehensive heavy truck fleet data from Tenna with other project construction management software used by your teams to make better business decisions.

How It Helps

Save time, money, and keep management and field employees informed and productive using modern construction fleet management tools from Tenna.

Fewer Calls

Eliminate making dozens of calls to find your assets and get the information you need. See it all instantly. Coordinate seamless asset sharing.

Lower Costs

Avoid emergency maintenance, excess rental costs, unnecessary purchases, fines and penalties.

Improved Safety & Compliance

Reduce accidents and incidents, increase and improve routine maintenance routines, improve safety records and avoid claims.


Managing your assets with these tools on One Platform brings the benefits of Know More, Control More and Make More to your processes, operations and organization:

Mockup of the Tenna Fleet Management Construction Use Cases one pager

Asset Management – Common Use Cases

Tenna offers six core solutions for use cases common amongst companies that rely on physical assets to perform their primary business functions.

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