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Construction Technology Platform

Tenna was built on over 100 years of construction experience. We’ve experienced the frustration of realizing we didn’t need to rent a piece of equipment for $5,000 per day because no one knew one was sitting idle at another site – which would have costed us a lot less to move. We understand that hunting in the yard for something you need and calling all your other jobsites to find it can be a big waste of time. Looking at out-of-date spreadsheets and trying to consolidate data from different systems for a big picture view is time consuming and often inaccurate. That’s why we created a single platform. It’s time to get on the offensive with your mixed fleet and gain back control.

Excavator Unloading Materials into Dump Truck on Construction Site


Field data helps you Know More


Connectivity and visibility help you Control More


Insight helps you Make More
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Why Tenna?

Without effective equipment fleet management, you are in the dark and leaving your equipment activity up to chance. With so many moving parts in a construction business, its easy to lose track of things both physically and in your book keeping.

With Tenna, you take your equipment fleet into your own hands allowing you to Know More, Control More and Make More. With your assets consolidated onto one platform you maintain visibility and confidence with automated updates, records and insights.

One Platform After Equipment Management with Tenna Before Equipment Management with Tenna
Heavy Equipment Tracking and GPS Tracking for Bulldozer on Tenna Platform
GPS Tracking Construction Equipment like Telehandler on Tenna Platform
Pickup Truck Tracking Profile on Tenna Platform

How It Works

We get data from GPS, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR technologies and synthesize it on our One Platform to give you the information you need.

A dot on a map will show you the location of your stuff but it won’t tell you anything else.  Our construction technology platform will tell you if it is in use, when it is scheduled for another job, what maintenance is required on it, where it has been and a whole lot more.  With this information, you will have utilization data that enables you to make better decisions.

Uninterrupted Visibility

Our One Platform gives you uninterrupted visibility across your entire mixed fleet. No more managing multiple systems or data sources.  Tenna will be your single source of truth for managing everything from heavy iron to fleet vehicles and trucks, down to mid-sized equipment and small tools and everything in-between. 

We take you beyond tracking and have built a comprehensive set of features that are designed for the construction industry.  Utilization, tracker management, reporting, asset details and more provide you with the knowledge you need to get back control and make more.

Total Visibility with Tenna Platforms
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Tenna One Platform (Product Download)

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