Understanding and Selecting Technology


Construction Technology - Past, Present, and Future

Construction may be viewed as a lagging industry when it comes to technology adoption, but the history of construction technology is not.

  • Past history of construction technology
  • Present day look at what is currently available
  • Future of construction technology and the impact to companies that don’t adopt.
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What is Construction Technology? [BLOG]

Find out what construction technology is and some examples of this growing technology.

Understanding Construction Technology: Past, Present, and Future
Understanding Construction Technology - Guide to Construction Technology

Guide to Construction Technology

Learn about construction technology, what types are available to you and how contractors are benefiting from embracing new technologies.
  • What is Construction Technology?
  • GPS Technology Overview
  • Telematics Overview
  • Reasons to Embrace Construction Technology
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5 Reasons to Embrace Construction Technology [BLOG]

Find out why you should be embracing construction technology

Decision Process

Choosing the Right Solution

There are a lot of solutions on the market, make sure you pick the right one to meet your needs for long-term success.
  • Business self-assessment and reflection
  • System requirements and integrations
  • Vendor comparison and consideration
  • Cost
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Choosing the Right Solution [BLOG]

When looking for ways to improve business, Owners and their Management team spend a great deal of time looking at inefficiencies and how to better their operations so that they can make more money. Get insights and tips on the selection process.

Understanding Construction Technology: Choosing the Right Solution
Understanding Construction Technology: Choosing the Right Tracking Technology

Choosing the Right Tracking Technologies

There are a lot of technologies on the market, make sure you pick the right one(s) to meet your needs.

  • Breakdown of the technology options for heavy and mid-sized equipment, fleet and small tool trackers
  • Advice for matching technology to your equipment fleet
  • Key takeaways for anyone managing an equipment fleet
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The Buying Journey

Direction on gathering the information you need to guide you towards making an informed decision.

  • Insights on research and discovery for the right solution
  • Tips on vendor analysis
  • Make sure your buying decision is the right one
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The Buying Journey [BLOG]

Before you start to identify the best construction technology software for your business take a closer look at these phases of your buying journey.

Understanding Construction Technology: The Buying Journey
Understanding Construction Technology: 8 Strategies for Technology Adoption

A successful implementation needs a solid plan in place. We can help you with that!

  • Strategies for implementing technology
  • Understanding the people component
  • Ensure the success of adoption
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Challenges for Technology Adoption [BLOG]

Get the information you need to be prepared for the challenges that implementing a new technology can bring by understanding them first.

Setting KPIs for Technology Implementation [BLOG]

Implementation of technology should be measured to "show" that you are benefiting from the technology. Get some insights on setting KPIs to see how well or not it is working.

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